Trump Song "Hey Mr. Tangerine Head" Should Go Viral

Buffalo Grove--An Illinois chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., who is obviously not voting for Donald Trump for president, just released his latest Youtube creation lambasting the arrogant GOP hopeful.  The song, which is about Trump's horrendous hairsyle, is called "Hey Mr. Tangerine Head."  

"The title just came to me one day," said Dr. Kamen.  "I was surfing Youtube and came across The Byrds' great recording of Mr. Tamborine Man, then Tangerine popped in my head and immediately thought of Trump's orange hair."

If Dr. Kamen's new song goes viral, it won't be the first time he had a political hit on Youtube.  Eight years ago when Obama was first running for presidident, Dr. Kamen submitted a video called Parrots For Barrack that got over 30,000 hits the first two months.  "It was a natural," said Dr. Kamen.  "Parrots are always saying "Braaaaaaaaaack."

This time, however, Dr. Kamen hopes his new song has the opposite effect.  "I don't want Trump to win," said Dr. Kamen, adding.  "However, I might considering voting for him if he changed parties and ran as a Whig!"

Youtube link to "Hey Mr. Tangerine Head."

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