Hillary and Bill Clinton will make good relations with Russia, good relations in the world

Hillary and Bill Clinton will make good relations with Russia, good relations in the worldHillary and Bill Clinton will make good relations with Russia, good relations in the world

Do you know that American politicians who talks to do bad relations with Russia, they just work for the order from a few military commercial firms, which just have high technology to manage people's behavior, but they do bad relations, because they just need to get orders for the weapons. But for these purposes they make the programs to manage politicians’ behavior especially. Their programs base in a few directions: information factors in mass media, managing advertising and personal calls (many firms every size in different countries left the market, because advertising incoming calls technically were changed, it is popular methodic, but it is necessary to know it to organize good connection quality, that all calls will come to right numbers), also problem structures pay to thousands usual and high level people in every city in all countries for they do the special reactions during work and personal communications: so, they do the statistics for special systems, which analyzing behavior and which help to decide what behavior will be for other many people around them. Also problem structures use people with directions in talkings for managing their friends or casual people (very popular that they use directions even in intimacy communications both: for men, for women: that's also why so many girls alone with children: problem structures sometimes tell to do so to their boyfriends, but sometimes they tell to girls to do things that the problem structures know that their boyfriends individually don't like it, that's also why they go away sometimes). So, knowing that and discuss it in mass media we can direct all these networks for good relations, because usually they don't know what for they get directions, so, if it will be known, many people will make more good relations and it will be also good for their friends and casual people. But there is even the information that quite possible that Hillary Clinton was receiving directions from behaviour structures when she meets Bill Clinton. It could be not bad and not good but sometimes problem structures use it to direct them, because girls like Hillary don't want that their boyfriends like Bill, know that she was receiving instructions what to do in their private relations. But, after the Monica story they can to do the step to help many people to make good relations. Because if Hillary will continue bad politics, then she will work against her people interests and it will be better another President in USA. But she can make good step: to help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries too, then it will be good way for good work. But, you know what is real purpose from the American problem structures when they manage American politicians to do problems in different regions? It is not for strong countries. It is just for doing problems in different regions, but also problem structures want to do bad relations to USA from different regions and they use methodic that bad relations from different countries do bad health for many people in USA too. But in perspective problem structures plan to do very big problems for America too (but it is possible just because USA do problems in different countries). So, USA should help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries, then both: the usual and programming work will help to make good situations for all countries. Journalists, politicians from Russia, USA or other countries, or their representatives can talk with General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) for more information, for optimal good results for all people.

Russian Federation creates worldwide support. First results: Russia knows CIA schemes. Do you know that real reason why Edward Snowden had come to Russia, to China was that CIA gave him the information to give it for Russia, for China, for other countries. CIA also sponsored popularization the Edward Snowden`s story in the mass media. What for? They use a methodology that the situations in objects depend on their activity, but also the situations depend on the information about objects in informational channels. Every channel has different prestige. And CIA wants to demonstrate that it knows much about many people when they make information that they perform many people telephone-tapping in many countries. And they want to write any information in special program systems about many different levels people. The American CIA planned in advance a usage such methodology to change health, decisions and situations for different people, top-level politicians, journalists in the USA and all countries too (that's why Angela Merkel and other politicians make sanctions even if they are talking about the necessary to make good relations with the Russian Federation; they changed plans because CIA made special programmable commands as an addition to their negotiations). You have to know that if organization makes a scheme for the bad result, then it will get less their prestige because all people know that bad schemes must not (impossible) to do.

The good prestige can have good informational, social and economic activities for good results in society, that's why the Russian well oriented organizations, security services and well oriented good organizations, security services in all countries who want to make good situations in the world can take the good prestige. 

To make good relations and good situations in society in the world, the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) was created in Russia. It accumulates informational resources from the all world security services who want to make good situations in the world. That's why it also names in mass media: the Central Intelligence Universe Agency (CIUA , "See I You Are": "I can see, You can see"; it is necessary to see each other, good communicate with each other to make good situations and good relations in society).

The General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) was created to make good relations and good situations in society in all countries, to make good situations worldwide. Anatoliy Golod (the Creator, the General Director), the age is 35 (birth date 08.08.1980), has a diploma with honors and a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctor) title. The presentations were given at scientific conferences (in the areas: a balance, development in the sphere, in the economy, creating the good ecology, good marketing, good healthcare lifestyles). The General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) was created to make good relations and good situations in society worldwide. You can call anytime to the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES), you can call to Anatoliy Golod. It will be very good for the society in all countries if we discuss the possibility to create the good social, ecological, economic, healthcare situations in society. It can really create the good situations in society. Our phone numbers: +7(495)7604918; +7(985)7604918; +7(965)3188546; +7(903)1621034. Website: super-dobro.com (kind communications; "dobro" is translated "good, kind" from Russian language).

General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) creator, Anatoliy Golod, formulated the GOOD UNIVERSAL IDEA DEVELOPMENT EVERY SOCIETY (GUIDES), which helps to form the well known priority the good relations among all peoples: improving yourself (leading a healthy lifestyle) and making good relations with others, being better to the environment; as a result, the ecosystem, and the society, and You, and Your friends circle are getting better; and everything will get better together; and if it will be better, then you can much faster and better significantly improve yourself, your friends, to make good world around, improving, making good the life quality at all levels.

But do you know that the IBM company was removed from the mass market by problem structures. They used the position placement on usual (including top level) marketing positions to lobby bad decisions for IBM (but the same methodic structures, which make problems in economic activity, use for many companies of every size, that's how problem structures calculate an appearance of big changes in economy; and there is one more popular methodology: they pay to technical  specialists from mobile operators or other communication operators for blocking some advertising calls or a large percentage of them for both the big and different companies and it changes the economic activity; sometimes problem structures make computers with the same numbers, that's why it is necessary to draw attention to optimizing the communications: mobile and other communication operators should draw more attention to making all calls which go to phone numbers will come to right numbers). Obviously, even today, if the IBM Company decides to make well-designed products for the mass market with good quality, it will get good demand from people. But why did problem structures decide to remove IBM from the mass market? Grand technical companies mean much for programming works, also in the work processes from structures, which calculates people's behavior. All people know that it is possible to make both: a good behavior or another one. And IBM was a problem for problem structures. Why? Because their name brings good associations among people. The initials "IBM" sounds Iike "I be, I am" and it says twice "I exist, I live". We know that problem structures want to give problem meanings to IBM and other companies, but the obvious good meaning was very strong and made good attitudes for many people. The Apple is a good trademark too, but it is necessary to optimize informational well-oriented work for making good social politics together. You can read how problem structures want to use the Apple Company. Also you can read how is possible to make good results for optimizing good situations in all countries (please read it and many interesting  and valuable  news in the file: super-dobro.com/supernewsgoodnews.docx   

Also in the following file: cloud.mail.ru/public/Mh78/DrB54itMu (you can ask your friend to translate the text). (*"dobro" is translated "good, kind" from the Russian language). 

Everybody should know that to make good situations in society there must be the real purpose, real reason for politicians, businessmen, for all people. But for making other opinions for top level persons, problem structures use the staff on different positions in all countries. Sometimes they can be secretaries or assistants, but sometimes they can be top managers or top level politicians; and there is information that a certain percentage of such staff receives instructions online like "a dream" from the structures who know specifics of their partners, their emotions, reaction and how to influence using such specifics. But often recipients of instructions do not know what for they receive instructions; there is information that sometimes their instruction sources scare them; that's why it is often necessary to help ordinary people to improve; it is also necessary to make good collaboration, good relations for well oriented results, to make good communications; but it is also necessary to remove from the work processes the purposely problem sources or to redirect them to implementing well oriented job.  

The security services and their internal affairs should help to do it: to help to casual ordinary people to improve; to make good collaboration and relations for well-oriented results; to make good communications; to remove from the work processes the purposely problem sources, or to redirect them to implementing well-oriented job. If journalists, politicians or other people want to know how it is possible to use all possibilities for making good situations and good relations in the world, it will be very good to call to the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES), created in Russia for making good relations in the world. The central mass media can help to make good information for all concerned and then we can make an effective good situation in world's life quality with many different people and make good relations with all countries. 

In the news, you can also read about the disguised lobbying, which does not convince and does not pay, but it depends on the information and programming factors, including information in the mass media. The problem structures pay for making bad factors and they change even decisions in a government, technologies and relations for usual people. So, it is possible to make good informational factors (especially with the help from the mass media), good social, good economic politics, then it will make great results to make very good life quality for many people in many countries. You can make news using this press release or news in files! It will be also momentous if journalists, media persons, politicians will call to the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) in Russia for discussing the questions according to the creation optimal good social, economic, informational politics for making good relations in the world, for making good situations in the world. We can also make a press conference about good sensational facts about specifics the informational politics and possibilities for making good relations and good life quality in the world.

The God Almighty Advocate will appear on the screens and in reality to improve relations in the world and to make good life quality in society. It is possible that soon on TV screens and in cinemas there will appear the movie and the TV series ‘The God Almighty Advocate’, which will help to improve relations in the society and to make good the population life quality. This will turn for the benefit for public development all the programs efficiently, which historically have been presented in different sources casually and not casually in movie industry and in other mass media means. The approximate script will be announced soon. The idea from the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) is that directors, writers, and actors from many well known movies will announce the key findings and their movies meaning, or the lessons, that need to be understood from the complicated scripts to prevent mistakes in reality and to solve problems faster, improving, creating as a result the good relations in society, and making good the population life quality and to make good situations in the society. The leading role in different series will belong to the founder General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES), Anatoliy Golod, plus the popular personalities for the audience, who would like to help to make good relations and good situation in the society. It is possible to have a print version in Your newspaper, magazine or electronic mass media [contact details in this letter and on the General Universal Informational Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES) website].

General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service. GUIDES.

Anatoliy Golod, General Director

Kirpichnaya 43

105187 Moscow

Tel.: +7(495)7604918

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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