The Final Church Generation, A Prophetical Certainty

The Final Church Generation, A Prophetical Certainty

Dallas, Texas May 16, 2016. No question, according to Dr. Steven DavidSon, the Nation's Christ-based Leader this is the final Church Generation. He shares what that means. "It means that the Faith that proclaims JESUS the Christ is in its final stage that ends in mass persecution and  what can only be called in military terms the extraction of all believers throughout the ages."

According to DavidSon end-time prophecy has two classifications: Revealed pre-event and Revealed upon-event. "Yes, throughout Biblical Scripture these classifications are apparent. Revealed pre-event means that it was clear how the event would occur before it happened. As an example, the Scripture says JESUS would be born of a virgin. He would ride on a colt. He would be born in Bethlehem. On the other hand, when the Church has its inauguration and the Holy Spirit makes His appearance Peter at the 'time of the event' proclaims it was Joel's prophecy being fulfilled. Likewise, there are clear end-time events prior to them occurring, and those not clear until they occur."

According to DavidSon there are undeniable Biblical signs prior to them occurring. "First, the dominant thought since the 1600s was that there would be a 'rapture' or extraction before any persecution. I can't go into it here, but it was in error as prophecy continued to become more clear. Yes, JESUS said 'no man knows the day nor hour' concerning His return in the Gospels, but later JESUS provides the Book of Revelation as the final authority on end-times prophecy;  and the Apostle Paul gives clarity about when the 'rapture' would happen in his second letter to  Thessalonians affirmed by the Book of Revelation."

According to DavidSon there's massive apostasy including false teachers and apathy among other events making it clear that it is the Final Church Generation. "This article is encouragement to use the links in this document and follow us on Facebook and Twitter." When asked how much time is remaining in this Final Generation he estimates four years or sooner. "Yes, if it continues to unfold at the present rate, Christians are near persecution. All that's needed is the Man of Lawlessness and the circumstances that leads to launching the AntiChrist economic access system to commerce worldwide.  Christians will refuse recognizing it as tantamount to worship the Antichrist, and the persecution will begin (Revelation 13-14)."

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