Democracy Fails Exposes: US Presidential Campaign 2016 Fraud



Democracy Fails, exposess many anomalies regarding the 2016 US presidential election. The name “Rocky” Roque De La Fuentes Guerra became the center of these controversies. His case really represented how the American Political System shows prejudice to the newbies in the world of politics. In fact, their system ensures that superiority and power will always remain in the hands of the few influential individuals.

This man was the son of Roque Antonio De LA FuenteAlexander and Bertha Guerra Yzaguirre. He was raised by his parents and was sent to a prestigious school. As a young boy, he had already experienced what it’s like to be spending almost half of his life in and out of United Statesincluding Mexico City, San Diego, and Tijuana Baja California and in Anaheim.

Also, at the very young age of 9, he had already started his own business and has already employed his classmates at the age of 11. Truly, “Rocky” Roque De La Fuentes Guerra has extraordinary skills in handling a business. In fact, he even founded the American Automotive Management and Services. Thus, his company was even giventhe title, the third largest automotive company in the world at that time. In addition, he had gained his Honorary Doctorate Degree as International Corporate Ambassador that was awarded to him by UNESCO.

Even though “Rocky” Roque De La Fuentes Guerra has all of these credentials and great potential to win in the election, still, some of those powerful groups in politics hinderedhim from doing so. At first, he thought that US practice democracy and has no biases in the election proceedings but as his candidacy goes on, some of the Democratic Parties made their ways to block Rocky’s candidacy through having a unilateral negation of filing of his name on the ballots. They even obliged Rocky to do a very hard taskbut still, he followedthem and fortunately, he has gathered thousands of signatures for a very short period of time just for him to be allowed to join in the election.

Not only have the State Democratic parties served as a barrier to him but the Democratic National Committee as well. They forbidden all his requests for his name to be included in the national poles for the people to know the stand of every candidate, whenever they are having debates that can be watched on TVs. In fact, they did not only ignored Rocky’s calls, letters and emails but they also completely removed his right to gain any real media exposure. Furthermore, all of his supporters experienced being denied of their rights in campaigning for Rocky. Thus, even though he isa qualified candidate  to campaign in the 46 US states and territories, he haven’t got the chance to win because even Rocky’s hundreds and thousands of votes disappeared in the final tally  of votes. That’s how sad the political system now in US is. The votes of the people are not any more important and their grievances are not anymore given a chance to be heard.


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