DUI Lawyer in Phoenix AZ Releases Defense Tactics Publication: Pittman Law

March 3, 2016


Phoenix, Arizona—Pittman Law, a local criminal defense firm, has announced the release of a publication designed to help first time offenders understand how to protect their rights after being charged with a DUI. While this manual does not replace the need for legal counsel, Michael Pittman’s informative guide provides basic advice to help readers avoid some costly mistakes that can undermine a qualified defense attorney’s strategies.


Arizona has some of the nation’s toughest DUI laws; a conviction can have a devastating impact upon a person’s life. Mitigating the damages that can be done when being charged with a DUI can greatly impact the outcome of a court case if the accused has ensured that their rights have been protected.


When asked what prompted him to release this new publication, Michael Pittman replied, “Knowledge is the best defense a person can have. All too often, a person makes critical mistakes when they have been charged with a DUI that can aggravate the situation and make their legal outcome so much harsher than it should have been in the first place. Having witnessed too many Phoenix residents that suffered much worse consequences than they deserved, I felt it was my obligation to try to help people understand what they should—and shouldn’t do if they have been charged with a DUI.”


Potential consequences for a first time offender can be more than just the sentence handed down by a judge. Losing driving privileges and jail time can impact a person’s employment, potentially causing a loss of income and other financial problems.


“The biggest problem is that the majority of first time offenders have no idea of what legal measures can be taken to avoid receiving the maximum penalties,” Pittman explained. “The legal system can be intimidating, especially for those who have never faced charges before. I wrote this guide to make the process a lot less of a mystery and help a person understand that they don’t have to accept such harsh penalties.”


An experienced DUI lawyer can help examine your case and build a defense. Oftentimes, mistakes are made during processing that your legal defense team can use to minimize your consequences or even have your case thrown out of court entirely. However, some of the mistakes that an accused person makes that are highlighted in Michael Pittman’s new publication can negate any chances of your attorney being able to use any of the potential loopholes.


For more information about Michael Pittman’s new publication and what an experienced DUI lawyer in Phoenix AZ can do to help build your defense, please select the provided link or call Pittman law at 602-622-2776. Download a free copy of Pittman Law’s latest publication at http://arizonaduidefender.com/dui-free-report/.

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