Slovenia introduces more supportive environment for entrepreneurship

Slovenia introduces more supportive environment for entrepreneurship

There are several projects ongoing at the Ministry of Public Administration from which a positive impact on the creation of supportive regulatory and business environment is expected. Among these are STOP the Bureaucracy and E-VEM one of the key projects for future development.

Project STOP the bureaucracy was launched in 2009, intended for all entrepreneurs and citizens who, either in the business process or everyday life, have contact with administrative procedures where they encounter obligations they have to fulfill to meet the requirements of legislation. In addition to entrepreneurs and citizens, the portal is also intended for persons preparing regulations and others employed in the state administration encountering administrative procedures.  Thus civil servants preparing regulations, the wider expert and interested public, business entities, and citizens are of key importance in preparing and realizing the objective of the project.

Via the web portal, users may submit their proposals for eliminating burdens and simplifying procedures. These proposals are discussed by a working group of representatives from several ministries, with the aim to simplify the procedures and regulations and also to eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens.

In the recent years a total of 408 measures have been listed in the Programme for eliminating administrative barriers and reducing administrative burdens, of which 305 measures have already been realized. One of the most important realized measure is e-VEM portal for entrepreneurs and corporations.

E-VEM portal provides information on business conditions and 38 electronically supported procedures associated with the process of starting a business. Existing electronic procedures are constantly being upgraded and new e-procedures are also being implemented. E-VEM provides information about the operating conditions for 464 regulated activities and 498 the regulated professions. All e-VEM services are free of charge. The contents of the portal cover all life stages of the entrepreneur: Thinking, Starting, Doing business and Closing. In the last ten years 1.7 million applications were submitted through the portal of which 160,617 applications for the establishment of companies. Portal has 40,000 registered users and it is one of the most successful Slovenian projects. With the establishment of the e-VEM portal the time required to start a business was reduced from two months to three days, for which an award from the United Nations was received.

In 2015, e-VEM celebrates its 10th anniversary. The Ministry of Public Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and other participants in November 2015 organized an event "Days for entrepreneurial" intended for all  employees who were in all these years actively engaged in physical VEM points and used the tools of e-VEM. The purpose of the meetings, which were held in 10 major cities in Slovenia, was mainly to connect the VEM points, exchange experiences and share ideas, how could the system be further simplified. 

At the first day of events the participants were addressed by the Minister of Public Administration Mr. Boris Koprivnikar who stressed that "project VEM in practice "lives cooperation", which means that the projects links a whole range of subjects at the national level, it reduces administrative barriers and facilitates the process for entrepreneurs."

Regarding the provision of e-services for business entities Ministry of Public Administration is developing a number of solutions for domestic and foreign companies to meet the requirements for market entry. Other necessary services required throughout  the life cycle of a business entity are also being implemented and will be accessible via e- VEM and EUGO. The user will not need to contact for e.g. five institutions for obtaining a permit since all procedures will be carried out on the single contact point. The process will be fully IT supported, implemented by electronic means, also for foreign business entities. The Ministry of Public Administration is also establishing an IT support system, from the back-office systems within the competent institutions to the publication of services on the business portal.

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Ministry of Public Administration  
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