Nevada Veterinary Board And Others Fail To Silence Animal Chiropractic Pioneer

Nevada Veterinary Board And Others Fail To Silence Animal Chiropractic Pioneer

Nevada Veterinary Board And Others Fail To Silence Animal Chiropractic Pioneer

Buffalo Grove, IL---In the winter of 2000, the Nevada Veterinary Board sent out an emergency news release over the national wire after Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., a noted animal chiropractic pioneer and author of The Well Adjusted Horse and The Well Adjusted Dog, allegedly conducted an illegal horse chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas a few months before. “I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t,” said Dr. Kamen.  “I thought April Fool’s day came early that year.  Nevada allows prostitution, where people can contract syphilis, and high stakes gambling, where people often lose their life savings, but cracking a horse’s tuchus is a no-no.”

    The emergency news release, followed by a cease and desist letter from the Nevada Veterinary Board, may have stopped Dr. Kamen from conducting his seminars in Nevada, but not in other states.  Shortly after Dr. Kamen received the cease and desist letter, he set up hands-on horse adjusting clinics in four states that border Nevada, including California, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona.  "The first one was in Lake Tahoe, California," said Dr. Kamen. In fact, I made sure the barn was no more than a mile from the Nevada border--just to tick them off.  I had at least thirty horse owners, from Nevada alone, who took the course."

     The Nevada Veterinary Board said it was concerned Dr. Kamen's course encouraged horse owners to offer chiropractic services to horses other than their own.  The board also said that conducting a hands-on horse chiropractic seminar is practicing veterinary medicine without a license, and was concerned over animal safety.  "I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing," said Dr. Kamen.  "I wasn't practicing, I was teaching, which I thought was a protected Constitutional right, like freedom of speech.  I had to turn on the news just to make sure the United States didn't suffer a major earthquake that drifted us to a Communist country."

     You might also want to check to see if Oklahoma, Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota, Georgia, Washington, and Arkansas have seceded from the Union and joined forces with North Korea, where freedom of speech is severely limited.  Dr. Kamen can't so much as conduct an animal chiropractic hotel lecture in those states without fear of arrest, even in the absence of any live animal demonstrations.  "Our forefathers would be so proud," said Dr. Kamen, "knowing the veterinary boards of these states apparently have the power to trample all over our First Amendment rights with impunity. The only things missing are tall army boots, a tiny mustache, snapping German Shepherds, and a book barbecue."

     This is nearly sixteen years later, and Dr. Kamen still conducts horse chiropractic seminars, albeit one or two a year.  And so far no horses have ever been injured because someone took Dr. Kamen's course.  According to Dr. Kamen, the brouhaha over animal chiropractic in the US has everything to do with money, territory, and control.  “Many state veterinary boards are insecure and feel threatened by non-vets who have the ability to help animals.   They’re afraid the money will flow out of their hands and into others.  They're a bunch of hypocrites.  It has nothing to do with animal safety, as they claim.  If that were the case, why don’t they make a fuss over calf roping, or amateurs who hunt deer or bear, which often ends with the animal being maimed?"


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