Christ-based Leader, Why Black Lives Matter and Similar Civil Rights Movements Are Obsolete

Christ-based Leader, Why Black Lives Matter and Similar Civil Rights Movements Are Obsolete

There's no question, anyone can see the frustration building in recent events with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The group is becoming more aggressive and disruptive. They shut-down an interstate highway recently. According to Dr. Steven DavidSon who wrote an article in 2012 concerning many being caught in a Civil Rights Time Warp, it is going to become tragic if something or someone does not intervene.

"Yes, it is unfortunate, very unfortunate. The Civil Rights movement, and particularly the methodology was a different period. Beyond being a catharsis with some value, the Black Lives Matter approach or any involving civil disobedience in no wise has the same national effectiveness as the Civil Rights Movement. It's like anything else that can become obsolete." 

DavidSon points to several reasons why the movement has to rethink the approach. "Among a number of issues laws are on the books. So the first choice is to use the court system. Yes, it's costly and slow. The same can be said about attempting legislation, but what do they desire? Again, laws are on the books. However, even beyond those issues,  the common thread joining the victims is some kind of offense. No one deserves to die because of some minor violation, but the movement must publicize responsible behavior if they desire to get larger numbers supporting them.  Many Blacks do not sense that the approach or conditions completely represents them though they may relate to the condition. They interact with law enforcement. Generally, they have acceptable experiences, and the present disruptive approach also alienates any other possible supporters. Fifty years ago, if protesters sat at a whites only cafe  there was a direct correlation to the condition. They weren't being disruptive to be disruptive. Finally and most importantly, it is not a faith movement. The Civil Rights movement on the ground was a faith-based movement. While others participated, the Christian faith was the power-foundation. We certainly do not desire any ill-will, but the end-game whatever that might be does not bode-well."

Dr. DavidSon and his team are available virtually nationwide. One of the nation's top writers on contemporary Christian issues, Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is author of the Christ-based Series, and founder of the nation's exclusive Christ-based organization devoted to Christian counseling and education (A3CEES).

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