Frantz Pierre Announces Plans to Implement the Housing First Strategy to End Homelessness in Los Angeles


The Los Angeles mayoral candidate for the 2017 elections, Frantz Pierre announces his plans to implement the Housing First strategy in order to permanently get homeless people off the streets.

Los Angeles, CA – June 16, 2015: Many residents of Los Angeles were shocked to find out that homelessness has risen by 12%, and 6% among homeless vets, within the last couple of years. Although homelessness is economic in nature, the growing issue affects a large number of people each year in Los Angeles. In order to combat the problem, the upcoming 2017 mayoral candidate for Los Angeles, Frantz Pierre announced his plans of implementing the Housing First strategy. The program deals directly with homeless people, provide temporary housing and assistance that will help them become permanently off the streets.

“As mayor, I intend to implement the Housing First Strategy.” said Frantz Pierre. “Fighting homelessness is not just a city job, but a community job as well. By collaborating with members of the community, I am confident that my implementation of the Housing First program will put an end to homelessness in the city of Los Angeles.”

“Barack Obama is not serious about eradicating homelessness among the vets. He has had and still has numerous opportunities to bail out the vets, he did not and will not do it. He would rather bail out the greedy swine.” frustrated, Pierre continued “Eric Garcetti is no different. Since the scandal at the VA, Eric Garcetti and Obama miraculously care for our vets, all of a sudden. I challenge them, both to bail out the vets, without hesitation, without delay, the same way they bailed out the greedy swine.”

One of the main reasons behind the success of Housing First is that the program is fast. It immediately moves the homeless individual into their own apartment. Then the program focuses on addressing other needs or problems. Housing First provides intensive on-site services, no conditions of tenancy, and ensures that everyone is entitled to the basic human right of housing.

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