Legal Assistance In U.S. Now Available Without High Hourly Cost

Legal Assistance In U.S. Now Available Without High Hourly Cost

According to recent statistics from the American Bar Association, more than 50% of all americans are currently dealing with a major legal matter. Sadly, most never seek help from a qualified attorney because of the high hourly rates normally associated with lawyers. 

Have you ever signed a contract, been treated unfairly, overcharged for a repair, or received a traffic ticket? These common life situations we all experience, though maybe not major events, are still legal matters with potentially serious implications. 

In 2014, and in recent years, the most prevalent legal issue that millions of americans are facing is the epidemic of identity theft. Rarely does a day go by any more without hearing about a serious data breech from a major retailer, national BANK , government agency, or medical facility. Of further concern, all of the identity monitoring services that we see and hear advertised do nothing to help with legal problems that victems are faced with as a result of the identity theft. announces an easy to access solution. "Now anyone can quickly get the legal assistance they need without having to worry how much it will cost," said KS Pirnie, Senior Consultant for the portal. "We have highly trained staff that can get them set up in a national program giving them direct and unlimted access to local experienced attorneys for less than a dollar a day." Pirnie continued.

"Our team is very excited about our ability to provide real legal help from real attorneys," Pirnie said. "The truth is, most people don't even know that this program is available to them." Pirnie went on to say, "Now you don't have to check your wallet before you check your rights" 

"There are also programs to specifically help business owners with legal needs,: Pirnie shared. "Among the many benefits to business owners are consultations, contract and document review, debt collection services, and even law suit protection," Pirnie further stated.

"Equal Justice Under Law" is proclaimed on the front of the supreme court building, but until now has not been a reality for those that can't afford the hundreds of dollars an hour usually connected to quality legal services. 

The portal can be easily accessed by simply visiting their website or downloading their free app named "Legal Help Now" from the Google Play Store. Pirnie made it clear that the website, the app, and even the phone call is 100% free to all users.

About was established for the sole purpose of assisting americans in accessing affordable quality legal services. Our team is trained and dedicated to helping you get the legal assistance you need from the available programs. For more information you can visit the website at or call us at 214-702-8140.

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