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Chinese Defense Industry Valued US$144.3 billion in 2015 718
iGuerilla Focuses on Kurds Closing in on strategic ISIS town near Turkey 748
Frantz Pierre Announces Plans to Implement the Housing First Strategy to End Homelessness in Los Angeles 723
James Sparks Now Offering Assistance with Stop Notices! 779
U.S. Supreme Court ERISA Plan Rulings Favor Retirement Investment 740
Jason Wize Shares Marketing Ideas at Tanzanian Honorary Consuls Meeting 750
RC Whitehead Now Practicing Criminal Law! 725
Incentivized Health and Wellness Program Brought to Consulate General of Mexico in Denver 747
Police Press Conference on Death of Earl Reginald Stevenson in South Africa 770
Sri Lanka's Defense Expenditure increased from US$1.8 billion in 2011 to US$2.1 billion in 2015 729
Marine appeals court-martial decision, cites religious freedom as basis for overturning conviction 743
New Industry Analysis and Forecast on the Global Fraud Analytics Market 2015-2019 724
Increased Offerings for Vulnerability Management and Compliance Spurring Growth in the Maritime Security Market in North America 770
Storobin law firm offers their services as criminal defense attorney 753
Argentina's Defense Expenditure increasing from US$3.7 billion in 2011 to US$6.2 billion in 2015 673
Indonesian Defense Market is estimated to value US$9.5 billion in 2015 816
The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen Now Offering an On-Call Attorney, 24/7 778
One Man's Quest to Detoxify the Immigration Debate 694
Financial System Collapse, War With Russia And China, Or Both? 771
King David Returns as the Scriptures Foretold 742
Thurswell Law, Gerald E. Thurswell is interviewed on News Talk WCHB 774
The Brandeis Center Mourns the Death of Dr. Robert Wistrich 767
Spanish Defense Industry valued at US$8.8 billion in 2015 736
News Analysis: Boston Think Tank Responds After China Orders US Navy Plane to Leave Disputed Airspace 753
Illinois Becomes First State to Pass Anti-BDS Bill 722
Tax Amnesty Can Patch Tax Revenue, Govt Says 705
Brandeis Center Mourns the Loss of Dr. Robert Wistrich 763
First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Give an Hour’s Partnership with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to Promote the Campaign to Change Direction on Mental Health 1365
KPK Saves IDR294 Trillion-worth Of State Money From Mineral, Coal Sector 735
Give an Hour Partners with VA Mental Health Services to Disseminate Training Materials to Community Providers 1150
EMPIRE OF LIES – Ron Paul Documentary Project Kicks Off 795
LDB Commends Senator Stone for his work on SCR-35 696
The Global Soldier Modernization Market is expected increase to US$12.8 billion by 2025 705
Police Beating Incident Upsets Inkster Community, Lucerne Corona Locksmith Urges Traffic Safety 726
The Law Offices of RC Whitehead Now Offering Free Consultation! 776
Tax Liens Experts Have Been Voted Number One for Tax Lien Certificate Investing Education! 1404
Pardo Locksmith Remarks on Disputed Road Tax Hike Proposal in Westland 739
The Crash, The Reset, Martial Law By This Time Next Year? 697
Public Trans. Regains Bad Rep After Philly Train Crash 742
Justice Served in Texas: Lawsuit Against Union Pacific Railroad for Death of a Baby Struck at Crossing Can Go Forward 1135
Edwards & Petersen Now Offering Free DUI Consultation! 663
Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack” 737
Changes to Accident Benefits Threaten Both Individuals and the Healthcare System 684
Ing. Frank Jorge Elias Arrived at an Amicable Settlement with his Ex-wife 1289
Jokowi Must Release All Political Prisoners: Human Rights Watch 633
RNLA Announces Voter ID Initiative 714
Top aging researcher: Human life span could increase 20 years this century 780
“WHY NOT FREE 4-YEAR COLLEGE?” ask Robert Weiner and Autumn Kelly in Philadelphia Daily News, asserting Obama’s proposal for free 2 years community college is not enough to reassert US leadership 758