The Controversial Daily Ups and Downs of Cryptocurrency

The Controversial Daily Ups and Downs of Cryptocurrency

Boca Raton, FL. - January 2018 – Bitcoin and blockchain technology has many daily adverse commentators and is faced with positive news and promotions. It also has many other areas that seem to have the world both in awe and wondering will it all last? Soon it will pass the $10 trillion-dollar market cap value. Crypto Mitch says, "This level of value will occur during Trump’s Administration. And before the end of his second term it may surpass $100 Trillion Dollars." SuperTrump foresees it will. He has been very accurate in regard to Donald Trump prediction victories and with this administration’s recent billion-dollar investment in blockchain technology it appears that cryptos are the future happening in the present. "Digital currencies are here to change how the world does business,” says Crypto Mitch.


SuperTrump wants to see all Trump supporters rewarded for their faith and encouragement in seeing how effective Donald Trump as our 45th president is. Many say he has done a lot in his first year as president, against all odds and handling everything that's thrown negatively in his path. He has shown this country, no matter how controversial his personality may be, that he does his best and succeeds in delivering a lot on his campaign promises. There is nothing greater than a man of his word. And so many words from Donald Trump have been so very misconstrued. Not everyone thinks the same way so, it’s easy to twist words to get what the twister wants, especially from a man as controversial as Donald Trump. Putin, a leader of great wealth, is also a holder of bitcoin and other crypto coins. There's the Putin Coin, The Russia Coin, and The Trump Coin. Would you be surprised if Trump invests in cryptocurrencies? SuperTrump believes he does, as does Crypto Mitch. "He'd be a fool not to do so and as a smart business and financial person he's for sure in as is Mark Cuban and all the Sharks."


No, there is not a Crypto Mitch Coin, not as yet. All kidding aside, this is very serious business and the opportunities for great wealth are there every day in the world of cryptocurrency investing. Follow Crypto Mitch as he is building new followers in the highest interest opportunity, LendConnect. The strategies taught can help many to great wealth.


Now, SuperTrump has seen a way to help his followers build great wealth. Slowly but steady. His first new Investment Club is now accepting applications for membership. A required $50 registration fee, to weed out time wasters is charged to all. Further information is available at and subscribe to Crypto Mitch on YouTube.


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