SuperTrump And TwezieBell To Be Seen at The North American Bitcoin Conference

Miami, FL., January 2018 - SuperTrump is taking TwetzieBell to check out the largest Bitcoin Conference in the USA. Its being held in Miami this Thursday and Friday Jan 18-19. Guest speakers and sponsors come from the ranks of many of the top cryptocurrency companies from around the globe. The largest companies are represented. Many will be discussing the great roll back that brought the price of bitcoin to under $10,000. As Schultz says, "Almost $9000, but as time moves, so does the cryptocurrencies with bitcoin, the gold standard leading the way now at over $11,000. The great one will rise again and top its previous high almost $20,000."


The path to success in selecting the right crypto coins that are stored safely away for a rainy day. These coins are researched and managed under SuperTrump's New CryptoMANIA Investment Club. (visit Getting in early will give those participants a wonderful chance to see great returns. They are hoping to find the next major winner at 10,000% gains which requires patience and selectivity. Read the rules and register. You could be in the mix. You are cautioned that this is a risky investment and they inform everyone not to invest any more than they can afford to lose.


After the North American Bitcoin Conference stop, SuperTrump is now going to attend the release of the new film 'Bad Actress.' It will be held at NAPTE Film festival also in Miami this week. Someone told us that Mitchell J Schultz is an acknowledged actor in 'Bad Actress.' This film starts in Columbia, where their star Excelina, playing Valentina that Latin Bombshell "LuLuLu lady" tears up the screen with her sensational way of attraction.


She pops on the screen from all the ways a starlet can pop. The film is produced by The Movie Studio, a Pubco-(MVES) looking quite attractive as a penny stock ready to explode. The Movie Studio is under the direction of its CEO, Gordon Scott Ventors who's set on taking this studio into the major ranks. Discussions are rumored with taking the shares onto NASDAQ or another major exchange that will increase its visibility and interest.


Nothing stated herein is intended to encourage any investments as this company is considered highly risky and one should consult with their financial advisers before acting. The Movie Studio is currently working on its next production "PEGASUS" as can be seen in form at the GulfStream Park in Hallendale. For more on The Movie Studio visit




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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