Five Boro Mold Specialist Offers Effective Mold Removal Services to Customers in NYC Area

Five Boro Mold Specialist Offers Effective Mold Removal Services to Customers in NYC Area

Brooklyn, NY (January18, 2018) -Mold infestations are common in moist and dark places in homes, such as the attic, and can lead to various health problems such as respiratory diseases and allergies. Timely mold detection and remediation is important for keeping such issues at bay. Five Boro Mold Specialist is a Mold Remediation NYC company that offers a wide range of mold inspection and removal services to customers.

The company uses the most advanced Mold Inspection NYC services and follows it up with effective Mold Removal New York assistance. With the latest technology and practices, it has set up a new standard in the locality.It uses sophisticated equipment for obtaining air samples, and makes use of counters to collect live samples around areas that are suspected of mold and mildew contamination.

The technicians associated with the agency obtain swab samples from all the spots with mold growth. After samples are taken, they are sent to the cutting edge labs of Five Boro Mold Specialist for species analysis, microbial screenings and particle comparisons. This can help in making an insurance claim to insurers for property damage or for filing a lawsuit against a tenant or property owner.

Each technician working at the company has been trained to spot any type of mold damage to a property. They are skilled to spot hidden moisture within Fiberglass, Mineral wool, Aerogels, Wood, Plasterboard and Sheetrock. With the aid of infrared imaging, the exact cause of contamination can be detected without paneling being damaged.The newest thermographical techniques are used for identifying molds and moisture growing behind common paneling in homes.

After inspection, a comprehensive report is offered to each client that details the source and causes of mold growth, as well as the process of mold remediation. The report contains detailed imaging of suspected areas of mold growth. Clients can get superior and infrared imaging in the report that is submitted to them. In the report, they can obtain information about Mold Remediation NYC and prevention for the long term.

The mildew removal New York and remediation process begins exactly on schedule. The target area is vacuum sealed, and the most high quality sealing equipments and products are used by technicians. Anti-fungal materials and air scrubbers are used for the removal of molds from the target spots. Any type of moisture entrapped in the walls is pulled out,leaving the affected area free of debris and toxic materials – as per the satisfaction of customers.

Five Boro Mold Specialist offers mold removal services with a 2-year guarantee. The company is rated 5 stars for the overall customer satisfaction and customer service that it offers.

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A top mold removal company based in NY, Five Boro Mold Specialist offers inspection, testing and removal services for molds in areas such as Long Island, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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