Lively Investments Specializes in Closing Cash Home Sales in 10 Days or Less

Lively Investments Specializes in Closing Cash Home Sales in 10 Days or Less

Kansas City, MO – Jan. 14, 2018 – People need or want to sell a home for any number of reasons. Brad Webb, real estate investor at Lively Investments, announced that the agency is currently purchasing homes for cash and can typically secure a sale within 10 days.
“Lively Investments, LLC is an established real estate solutions company in Liberty, MO,” said Webb. “We are a multi-service company that has the ability to buy, sell and wholesale properties quickly and easily.”

Lively Investments is a reputable “We Buy Houses” Kansas City-based business that purchases vacant homes and those that are in pre-foreclosure, along with second homes that owners no longer want. Individuals may want to sell a house due to an inherited home they don’t need, the desire to downsize, due to divorce, military deployment or relocation for employment. Lively Investments purchases homes for all those contingencies and more.
The real estate agency will evaluate the property fairly, properly and purchase the home for cash. Homeowners can typically look forward to a 10-day house sale and the agency has the ability to close in as little as seven days when necessary.

Lively Investments buys single-family dwellings, condos and townhouses, apartment buildings and vacant land. Homes that are in need of repairs are also eligible for purchase. The “Sell My House Fast” agency can buy, sell and wholesale properties with ease and alacrity. There’s no time-consuming and frustrating scheduling of viewings to worry about.

Despite increased opportunities in the real estate market, it can still be extremely difficult to locate a reliable buyer. Even the owners of elite, luxury real estate properties are encountering problems. Individuals may back out of a deal for a wide variety of reasons and they’re not obligated to let anyone know why. Lively Investments always keeps homeowners informed every step of the way.

The agency provides cash sales and the expedited service for multiple types of properties has made Lively Investments, LLC one of the premiere real estate companies in the area. To learn more about the services they provide, visit them at

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