What is going to be changes in Runescape 2007

Whenever OSRS release a sizable piece of content, there is typically an enormous quantity of feedback. While most of this can be constructive, and OSRS are genuinely delighted with how Dragon Slayer II in specific has gone down, there are a few points that could do with getting tweaked slightly because they have been polled initially. The objective of this post would be to provide you some adjustments OSRS had to be happy producing, and provide you with the opportunity to supply feedback on them. OSRS are organizing on the beneath poll inquiries going reside in-game early next week! Now R4PG Runscape Team will share What will likely be adjustments in Runescape 2007

Dragonbone Necklace
The Dragonbone necklace is a particular item with use instances inside a couple of scenarios. It might be superior, so OSRS had like to propose growing its stats slightly by adding a further +6 Prayer bonus, giving it a total of +12 Prayer. OSRS had also preferred to appear at removing the impact that reduces your remaining prayer points by 50% every time it gets equipped and replacing it using a new effect, which would avert any Prayer points from getting restored until the necklace has been equipped for 15 seconds. 

Dragonfire Ward
The Dragonfire ward is usually a defensive off-hand that offers a ranged attack bonus. OSRS believe it could do having a small improvement, so OSRS had like to propose growing the melee defenses it provides 10 plus the magic defense by 6. 

Super Antifire Potions
Currently, Super antifire potions only final for two minutes. Additionally, to rising their duration, OSRS had like to give a new variant in the medicine with a more significant herblore requirement. 
Upon unlocking Super antifire potions, you will also open the capability to mix Extended super antifire potions. These medicines will last twice as long as Super antifire potions and can develop by combining a Super antifire potion with Lava scale shards. This process will require 98 Herblore and offers 40 Herblore practical experience per dose converted. 

Dragon Hunter Crossbow
The Dragon hunter crossbow at present increases each accuracy and harm by 10% when fighting dragons. While this is an excellent enhancement, it usually is much less helpful than utilizing other ranged weapons. 
OSRS had preferred to see the crossbow being much more helpful against dragons, so to combat this, OSRS had preferred to present escalating both the accuracy and harm the crossbow offers against dragons to 30%. This modification will make applying the Dragon hunter crossbow comparable to that with the blowpipe against dragons, with no the more significant cost per hit that the blowpipe incurs. 

Poll Question
Should the accuracy and damage bonuses provided by the Dragon hunter crossbow when fighting dragons enhanced from 10% to 30%?

Other Alterations
We not too long ago reverted a alter that caused the spikes around the Dragon boots to seem duller than usual. This has raised some issues around the coloring with the peaks around the Full Dragon-helm, as they've typically appeared darker. 
Within the above image, the model on the left shows the spikes together with the color OSRS can modify them too. The model around the proper is how the helm presently appears in-game.
In addition to all of the above, OSRS are presently hunting into the effectiveness of how some bolt guidelines function with Dragon bolts. It is very the job so it can take some time, but OSRS are aware that a number of the effects could do with improving a little


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