Path of exile 3.1 has a small patch Updated

Path of exile 3.1 has a small patch Updated that includes bug fixes and some new microtransactions. This Updated also consists of a fix regarding a bug with the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantment values that Path of exile wanted to communicate as early as possible. Now PoeCurrencyBuy as a Poe 3.1 Builds and Poe Currency farming Guides website will share you the detail for Path of exile has a small patch Updated

Alongside 3.1.0 Path of exile introduced the Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that could be obtained from the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths. Unfortunately, when this was released, it had a value Path of exile never intended it to have, making it exceptionally overpowered.

After tomorrow's update, the enchantment will only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth, and all existing versions of this fascination will be changed so that Volatile Dead can just destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 other bodies. 

Path of exile wants to apologize to anyone this may have inconvenienced. Path of exile is generally against mid-league changes to player power levels, but this was an exceptional case that needed to be corrected as soon as possible.

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