Announcing the #gofundmeed Campaign for Jeremy Meed

Jeremy could really use an electric wheelchair to combat the hills and a roof over his head while he attends school.


Arcata, CA – December 7, 2016 – Jeremy Meed’s strength is tested every time he hauls himself up into his truck from his wheelchair. Meed lifts his whole body weight up into the passenger seat of his truck every night to sleep in his vehicle. His feet swell up from sleeping upright. All his personal belongings lie in the passenger seat and the cab of the truck. Since the beginning of summer, Meed’s truck has been his home. “Using the bathroom, not having a comfortable place to sleep and not being able to cook,” are some of the hardest parts of living in his truck said Meed.


When Meed first moved out to Humboldt from Ohio he lived on campus at the College Creek apartments. Unfortunately, this semester his financial aid was only enough to cover his tuition.

Meed is part of possibly up to 15% of HSU students who are homeless according to a survey done by Chant’e Catt of the HSU Homeless Students Advocate Alliance in 2016. Meed is also physically disabled making it even more difficult to find housing in an area with an already severe housing shortage.


At the age of 16 Meed ran away from home with his girlfriend from South Carolina in his Subaru. Somewhere on the outskirts of Atlanta Meed fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car. Since then Meed has been paralyzed from the chest down. Meed used to sleep in his truck on campus until University Police Department told him it was illegal to do so. Now Meed finds places away from people’s homes to park his truck and sleep. He doesn’t feel safe staying at the homeless shelter in Eureka and said he wouldn’t feel safe parking near the shelter either.


Meed is continuing to look for housing but it’s difficult for a low income paraplegic to find housing in a county that the Humboldt County Grand Jury in 2015 said has a “critical lack of affordable housing”. There is the Humboldt County housing section 8 voucher waitlist Meed was hoping to get onto which helps low income non elderly disabled residents with rent but the voucher waitlist has been closed now in Humboldt County for over two years.




Getting around campus is another test of strength for Meed. His wheelchair is a manual chair, meaning it’s push powered, not electric. “An new electric wheelchair costs about $5,000.” said Meed. “Some insurance companies will help pay the cost, but they will only help replace the chair every five years,” said Meed. In spite of the adversity Meed goes through on a daily basis getting around the aptly nicknamed hills and stairs university in a wheelchair and living in his truck, Meed is determined to continue his education and graduate within the next three years.


Help Jeremy Meed buy an electric wheelchair and get some housing. A decent electric wheelchair is around $3.5k + (shipping which isn't cheap for an electric wheelchair) and shared housing near where he goes to school is around $600/month plus $100/month for utilities. Two semesters of college is 8-10 months or $7,000 max. The #gofundmeed campaign’s goal is a total of $11,000 to cover all of these costs.


To learn more or to help DONATE to the #gofundmeed Campaign, please visit:                            



Anthony Scolaro

Arcata, CA

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