What is Aspects That Decide Mu legend Combat Power

What is Aspects That Decide Mu legend Combat Power

Mu legend Combat power would be the primary value that signifies the general strength in the character.Enhancing combat energy isn't just about rising the quantity of damage a character can deal.Combat energy is affected by the all round stats with the character, including defense and HP.Now Mu2zen shares with you What is Components That Figure out Mu legend Combat Energy. Mu2zen as an expert Cheap Mu Legend zen site, offers safe, rapidly and low-cost Mu legend redzen for you.With over ten years of excellence, we have served a huge number of customers. If you are hesitating where to purchase Mu legend items, Mu2zen will probably be a good choice.

How to Verify Combat Energy
Combat power is generally displayed within the upper-left corner from the screen, so it is possible to easily retain track because it alterations whenever you level up or equip items.
Open the Character Info window (hotkey C) to verify the character's combat power, combat-power rank and stat details.
By pressing the [Esc] button, you are able to also see your combat power, in addition to your level and Soul level, in the middle of the screen.

Checking One more Character's Combat Power
You may very easily check out one more character's combat power by [Alt] + right-clicking on them, that will open their Character Info window.
To view the combat power of a player in your guild/party or an individual you added as a buddy, you are able to view their details by way of the Guild window (G), the celebration list plus the Community window (L). 
Within the Ranking window (V), apart from checking the top-ranked characters in every single area, you may also look for a character and check their particulars.

Things That Figure out Combat Power
Equipping highly effective weapons might not be adequate to enhance your combat energy.
Numerous things, like defense and HP, affect a character's combat energy.
- Character Level and Soul Level: Larger character level and Soul level = greater combat energy.
- Mu legend Items and Gear: Equipping weapons, armor and accessories with greater grades and greater enchantment levels increases combat power.
Any stats, gems, and soulstones that have been applied to gear also impact the character's combat power.
- Wings: As wings improve in enchantment level and tier, combat energy also increases.
- Pets: Pets' combat energy also impacts the character's combat power.
You can raise combat energy by acquiring additional stats whenever you summon a pet with a greater tier and level, or whenever you register 1 as a companion.
- Artifacts: Develop artifacts to larger levels and equip them to apply their effects to the character. This will likely also boost the character's combat power

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