3*3 TEAM FERDIE: the most profitable and fast growing BTC matrix

September 2017: Join the automated 3x3 team build with repurchase built in. It costs only 0.005 and on L1 participant get 3x.005. .01 is used to upgrade participant to L2 and you withdraw the .005. Participant then uses the 0.005 to create a 2nd account. On L2 the participant will receive 9 x .01. 0.03 is used to upgrade to L3 and the balance .06 will be withdrawn.  Use .01 to create 2 new accounts and then on L3 participant will receive 27 x .03 that is .81. The participant will use .03 to buy 6 new accounts and at the same time the system buys a repurchase for the participant. At this point, the 2nd round becomes much easier and faster and the process continues over and over. It is a good strong team build, no holes, no problems, honest leader, and honest team members.

Getting started:

Ø  open a free BTC wallet with bockchain or any other trusted software platform for digital assets

Ø   fund the wallet

Ø  Register on the link below

Ø  Make necessary transfer and all are set in motion.

Note that the team promises a refund for any participant who does not earn and upgrade within the first three (3) months of registration

If interested, the link below leads to the registration page. http://www.mybtcbuilder.com/index.php?ref=mrinfo

Facebook: https://m.me/join/AbZ0xNKaFL5JmT2W

WhatsApp group join: https://cgat.whatsapp.com/JPs7mL4gubwGDp4w1gYyfb

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/EuGu3z6ajfEqb3gonmWQaQhttp://www.mybtcbuilder.com/index.php?ref=mrinfo

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