Crowdfunding and Venture Capital Can Work Together for Start-Ups: Strahan McNeil Partners

New York, NY – Crowdfunding is a rage with start-ups, entrepreneurs and anyone mulling over a new idea. The famed stories of million dollar donations in days and weeks have also buoyed sentiments. Venture and angel investments however continue to be the way entrepreneurs hope to turn into formal, organized and global businesses.

It’s not just about making and selling the next cool water bottle. The appeal of the testing waters increases manifolds if it also offers funding money for manufacturing. This is the main lure of crowdfunding portals, and no wonder they attract hordes of new ideators who want to put their ideas directly in front of potential customers rather than investors and executives from traditional funds.

“Though a crowdfunding campaign may nor may not cover the entire cost of production and sales, it can be a good way to test, validate, promote and obtain first opinions along with some good money to continue moving forward,” says Strahan McNeil.

Eventually, both crowdfunding and venture capital will need to work together if new ideas are to come to the market on time.

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