Watch Out for Automatic Payment Subscriptions when Signing Up for Free Trials

New York– The rise of the digital economy has not prevented this old way of getting enrolled for a subscription without having applied for it. What begins as a free trial is sometimes automatically upgraded to a subscription if the user does not expressly cancel the trial in the first place. For credit card users, this is an unnecessary expense to watch out for.

With most major phones arriving with a payment system in built, the digital payment economy has now overtaken the old cash system, reaching the 47 percent figure of late. On the other hand, the US household debt has risen to $12.8 trillion, with credit card debt too reaching its peak figure in the last eight years, as revealed by Fed surveys.

The phenomenon of automatic subscription can be avoided if users are careful while taking up a free trial offer. Many of these of course carry the optional condition of automatically subscribing the user to the paid service or product. This has been the way nearly 35 percent users in the US have ended up making payments to gyms and other services without being aware of it. Surprisingly, parents and those with higher education levels tend to be more likely to end up with automatic payment plans.

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