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Celente Branson 6 figure earner has agreed to his dying mentors’ wish to help others out there struggling with their business. Celente’s mentor challenged him a month ago and he accepted the challenge to help as many struggling online business owners as possible, by giving away 30 minutes of his coaching time for people who have a struggling online businesses.

Celente is well known, and has even given help to some of the largest startup companies and solid firms on Wall St as well. His latest client Ian Goldsmith, has gone from bankrupt to brining in over $8000 per month, starting from scratch, so Celente is a man worth his crust as they say.  Ian teared up over the phone when we interviewed him, claiming “Celente did not just help me, he has given me a second chance at life! And words cannot express how grateful I am. The man is a super genius!”

“I am well sorted after!” Claimed Celente, “and usually charge hefty fees for my services usually, but my mentor put me in my place when he reminded me how he helped me when I was broke, and living in my car”. He said.  Celente felt it was actually time to give back, and honour the man that gave to him and looked after him for so many years. The pair has seen many businesses come and go over the years and realise that there is a 85% failure of businesses in the first year. So he wanted to step up and help.

As a thriving online business mentor today, Celente operates many success 6 figure a year businesses and has arranged to do a meet and greet with people interested and give away one of his high end coaching programs where prospects get the chance to look over his shoulder as he builds a six figure business from scratch.

Celente was quoted as saying “I have made millions for my top clients, and I also love to help and give back where I can. While I am a private person, there is no need to hide the powerful business secrets I have learnt over the last 16 or so years! This stuff can literally change lives and become like holding a solid golden nugget in your hand.”

Today Celente opened up his free business coaching webinar, worth $997 he is giving away for FREE. You can watch the webinar for free here =>

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His business partner John has never seen so much value been given away and thinks you would be crazy not to take up over $10,000 USD of pure value being given away with absolutely no charge at all.

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