Los Angeles: August 13th. 2017

Over the last month or so hundreds of new millionaires have been created around the world. Those who invested in Bitcoins, the digital decentralized currency, shot up in value to over $3,600! Those who held Bitcoins suddenly became millionaires.

Bitcoin's acceptance by major financial entities and industries has revolutionized the way that money has traditionally been issued. Typically money has been generated by central banks or by governments who print an unlimited supply. This ultimately leads to inflation and loss of value. To send money from Italy to the USA requires a lot of paperwork, it costs a lot, and their are numerous rules and regulations that have to be met on each end of the transaction. Sometimes the transaction can take several days to complete.

Digital currency, like a Bitcoin is not issued by any central government or bank, there are no rules or regulations, its instant, and it costs nothing. The transaction is completed between the buyer and seller on a peer 2 peer basis.

The major drawback to digital currencies seems to be the violatility of the digital currency. Sometimes the currency can dip in value 30% or more in a matter of minutes. But these days of volatility may be over.

A new 5th generation digital currency is now being introduced. It's called the 'NUGGET' and its about to do battle with Bitcoin. In many ways it is similar to Bitcoin but just as computers have advanced over the last 25 years so has the technology relating to digital crpto currencies.

The 'NUGGET' is a new digital currency that is far superior to Bitcoin in that the 'NUGGET' will be able to be used by far more people than the Bitcoin. It will still have tremendous appreciation as it moves into the marketplace with the first 25,000,000 coins which are now being introduced to the world at $10:00 USD each.

Just like the Bitcoin, the 'NUGGET' is 'mined' by people on their computers but with the 'NUGGET' there is an opportunity to hit the 'JACKPOT' by hitting the MOTHERLODE. These special 'NUGGET' coins are bundles that are worth $1,000,000 each. They can only be obtained by a skill based solution to where the 'NUGGET's are hidden at various locations around the world. Also, the 'NUGGET' will never fall below the value of gold when you want to sell the 'NUGGET'. For those who are astute enough to buy the 'NUGGET's at the initial set price the possibility of huge returns is enormous.

The new 'NUGGET' coin is being introduced by Bioneutra International Ltd. (TICKER SYMBOL: BIMO) an OTC listed public company. In addition to the 'NUGGET' Coin the company is also establishing a Crypto Currency Exchange. There is only one other listed currency exchange on the OTC Markets and its shares have risen from $13.00 to over $622.00 USD per share in only a few months. The Ticker Symbol for this company on the OTC is GBTC and is certainly worth checking out. BIMO will be the second company to buy and sell Bitcoin but will also introduce its own currency, the 'NUGGET' along with the very first BLOCKCHAIN bank and Trust.

It will be interesting to see the battle unfold betwen the older and more established Bitcoin and the new and  more stable "NUGGET'. Much more information will be released shortly.

For all those interested in this new direction for BIMO, or those interested in purchasing the new "NUGGET' crypto currency, please contact:

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