Bail Bonds of Los Angeles

Bail Bonds of Los Angeles Bail Bonds of Los Angeles


Contact: Roger Sayegh           
965 N. Vignes St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 844.224.9991
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An arrest leads to jail time before a court date can be set. The sooner someone can get out of jail and back to their lives the better.

Bail is a promise to return to court. The amount set is a guarantee between the accused and the court to get out of jail and wait for the court date.

Most bail is cash. Many cannot afford a bail fee immediately upon arrest and jail. This is when a competent bail bondsman will post bail bonds on behalf of the accused.

“We are a professional bail bonds company in Los Angeles,” said Roger Sayegh or Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds, “we will cover your bail fees until your court date.”

Following the arrest, a family member or the accused can contact Sayegh and his team. He will require a bit of information and will come to the court to pay the bond for the accused.

Many bail bonds in Los Angeles will require collateral in addition or in lieu of a cash bond. Sayegh Bail Bonds can help make the necessary payment.

“All bonds are set based on the factors of the crime. This is why using a bail bonds service in LA is so important. We can cover what you cannot pay,” continued Sayegh.

For additional information, contact them at (844) 224-9991 or the website at

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