100x Blockchain Investors Summit

100x Blockchain Investors Summit 100x Blockchain Investors Summit

Featuring Stan Larimer

August 8 & 9 – The 100x Blockchain Investors Summit is a two-day online webinar focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, digital coins, startups & ICOs. The summit has an impressive list of speakers, including Tim Draper, Brock Pierce and Co-Founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin. The goal of the summit is to educate participants about investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, alt coins, ICOs, and blockchain startups. The webinar is designed to give industry leaders a platform for communicating with investors about cutting-edge projects.

One blockchain which has a lot of people excited and that will be prominently featured in this year’s summit is BitShares. Based on super-fast graphene technology, BitShares is capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second.

Stan Larimer, the President of Cryptonomex, will be speaking at the webinar. Cryptonomex is the company that created Graphene, which is the foundation of BitShares as well as Steem and Peerplays.

Larimer will be bringing his years of experience to attendees in a workshop titled “Altcoins: Beyond Bitcoin and the Ether”. The workshop, which takes place on August 8, will explain how smaller coin ecosystems fit in the larger cryptocurrency landscape relative to Bitcoin. This comes at a time when BitShares is gaining a lot of attention for the innovative solutions offered by the platform. Companies and investors are opting to use the BitShares platform and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) because of the powerful features it offers.

To learn more about how to use the BitShares DEX, there is a second workshop “Trading into Crypto Dollars in Bear Markets – BitShares”. This workshop will teach investors how to trade into and out of crypto dollars, yuan & euro. The workshop will also focus on strategies on using BitShares “Smartcoins” to protect yourself from volatility and weather a bear market. Smartcoins are market pegged assets that have their value attached to that of another asset like the U.S. dollar. This is one workshop you won’t want to miss!

“Altcoins: Beyond Bitcoin and the Ether” - August 8, 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
“Trading into Crypto Dollars in Bear Markets” – BitShares – August 9, 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Remember this is an online summit.  Sessions will be recorded for later viewing if you miss some of the sessions live.  To learn more about the event and to purchase a ticket use the following link.



BitShares is a decentralized exchange platform using real-time, industrial grade blockchain technology supported by next generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with a common interest in finding free market solutions by leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making.


Cryptonomex Inc. is an independent blockchain development company founded by the core developers of the BitShares blockchain. The mission of Cryptonomex is to facilitate the growth and adoption of industrial blockchain technology.

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