BTCX The Third Bitcoin

BTCX The Third Bitcoin


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Bitcoin United (BTCX) is getting ready to take Bitcoin into the future! On the eve of the August 1st Bitcoin fork, a third contender BTCX, is preparing a quantum leap for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin United, advocated by Stanley Larimer, President of Cryptonomex, is looking to provide a solution so far advanced that there would be no reason to adopt anything else. Both of BTCX’s competitors only offer modest gains and will not prevent further scaling arguments and fragmentations in the future.

Larimer is making the case for making Bitcoin multiplatform by creating a parallel Bitcoin on the BitShares platform. On the day the fork occurs, BitShares will grab a “snapshot” of the state of the Bitcoin blockchain. Shortly thereafter, BitShares will distribute matching BTCX to every BTC owner on the BitShares blockchain. All you’ll need to do is import your Bitcoin keys into the BitShares wallet and claim them!

By moving Bitcoin to the BitShares network, BTCX can take advantage of all the features the industrial grade blockchain offers. These solutions include:

10,000 transactions per second and 3 second confirmation times
BTCX has no operating costs and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) will remove the need for energy consumption used for mining.
Bitcoin United will unite BTC and hundreds of other assets on the same blockchain, where they can trade at the speed of light and without the need for a corruptible third-party exchange.

These assets include the new HERO – a stabilized smartcoin that is programmed by smart contract to grow at 5% annually against the dollar. Trading can take place on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange DEX which offers counterparty-free trading!

BTCX aims to provide a solution so innovative and appealing that it will dominate through pure attrition. None of its competitors come close to offering the innovative and powerful solutions that Bitcoin United brings to the table.

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Cryptonomex Inc. is an independent blockchain development company founded by the core developers of the BitShares blockchain. The mission of Cryptonomex is to facilitate the growth and adoption of industrial blockchain technology.

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