Minddo Announces Technology to Read, Record and Replay your Brainwaves

Re-tune yourself or record your good (brainwave) moments! Pulsed electromagnetic field technology.

Sydney, Australia – July 19, 2017 –  Record and replay your brainwaves. It helps you to understand and control y our mood, calm down, focus, achieve your goals, learn. The device has no moving parts and cables which could break easily. It uses an optional Bluetooth and smart-phone software for more complex functions. For basic functions, like the 8 basic frequencies and recording, no Bluetooth is needed. Bluetooth is only used for to transmit the waves to the phone and from the phone to the device. Aside from that, it is recommended that Bluetooth be turned off as it can interfere with the brainwaves.

Built in frequencies for:

•    Stress relief
•    Better sleep
•    Meditation
•    Relaxation
•    Faster learning
•    Concentration
•    Stay awake
•    Creativity

5 minutes with minddo is able to reduce stress by 78%!

Use "stay awake" when driving at night!

About minddo®

It started in 2004, when Zoltan participated in a training (Agykontroll and Agykontroll ULTRA, Laszlo Domjan, Budapest) about the effects of the electro-magnetic fields on living organs. At the time, he was an electrical engineer and had learned about the brain because of his artificial intelligence study. He immediately came up with the idea of connecting these three fields of science,  by way of an electronic device which measures and transmits the brain's electromagnetic waves and emits electro-magnetic waves.

In 2008 he travelled to Asia to create the first prototype and find the manufacturer.

Then, with the start of the smart-phone, the technology and possibilities changed so rapidly that every year he created a new, improved version. In 2012, he immigrated to Australia with his family and started to work on a device which can not only measure, but also record and transmit the waves using smart-phones.

In 2016, the prototype of a brainwave-measuring, -recording and -transmitting device was ready. Then, in 2017, he started this fund-raising project to produce the device efficiently in high quantities efficiently.

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Zoltan Varga
Sydney, Australia
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