Introducing Neso - The Ultimate Life Organizer

NESO Bags Announces Functional Bags with a Revolutionary Interchangeable Module System

New York, NY – July 11, 2017 –  NESO Bag is the best way to get organized in style. With a revolutionary interchangeable module system, we pave the way for functionality and convenience. Get Organized, Get Practical and Get Going with NESO.

We are young and always on the road. We work on our notebooks in the coffee shop and on the subway. We commute to the co-working space and finish our project in the park. We sleepover at a friend’s place and visit the folks on weekends. We read on iPads and listen to music on our smartphones. We are constantly on the move, from city to city, from challenge to challenge. Which means we have a lot of baggage.

The Neso set available on Indiegogo consists of 1 duffel bag, 1 messenger bag, and 1 backpack, available in three colors (Black, Grey and Navy blue) with blue and green accents and leather handles.

In our pursuit for functionality, the harder it is for us to gain flexibility. With NESO Bag, don't limit yourself to just one Bag for one Function. Our NESO backpack, messenger, and duffel bag works with our unique interchangeable module system to meet all your needs. With the combination of an inner-bag with 5 flexible individual modules, NESO provides ultimate flexibility and functionality to the functional user.  

About NESO Bags

We understand the need for functionality in an age of ultimate mobility. Whether you are on your way to work, on a night out, traveling long distances, or hiking across the country; Neso is the right bag for people on the go with active lifestyles.

The individual components of the Neso system assure that you always find your belongings quickly and easily. This is only the beginning. NESO will continue to develop useful and stylish bags. Our future products will include tote bags, backpacks, and messenger bags for different occasions. Why choose Neso? Because Neso lets you do whatever you want.

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Leo Lin
New York, NY


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