The Yi Family Announces Pastor Jay Yi's Heart Surgery

Due to his bypass heart surgery not being done properly by the surgeon and with his other current health issues, Pastor Jay Yi is required to undergo another heart surgery.

University Place, WA – July 3, 2017 –  Pastor Jay Yi was scheduled for the surgery here in the U.S. where the doctor decided it was too risky (granted his current condition) and did not proceed with the surgery. However, the surgeon did consult that in Korea, the physicians are better trained in doing the type of heart procedure which he needs at lower risk. Therefore, during the 2nd wk of June, Pastor Jay Yi went to Korea to have a checkup with one of the recommended surgeons.  Post checkup in Korea, doctors confirmed that the procedure there would have less complications with a greater chance of success.

The Yi family decided to schedule the surgery during this visit to Seoul, Korea. However, the total cost of the surgery was not what they expected. Samsung hospital charges more for patients that does not have Korean citizenship. Furthermore, the insurance for overseas emergency surgery was not approved. Unfortunately, this left the heart surgery he needs out of the Yi family’s financial means. As much as they want to expedite the surgery, thier family is unable to cover all the cost of surgery and expense for traveling.

Their father has been a pastor for 14 years where he never missed a Sunday service even while battling cancer and heart problems. The first service was in their own home for thea year before having their own building. Over their father's time and tenure as a pastor he has refused to take any salary from the church because he solely believes serving God should be done by free will without asking anything in return. He went to countless missionaries overseas and opened his home for anyone that needed counseling, advice, or just to have somebody to talk to. He is very passionate when it came to helping people in need.

With the family’s greatest sincerity and need, they are asking for family, friends, and community to support Pastor Jay Yi to have this surgery in time. He will be finally retiring from his position due to his health condition and turning 60 years old this year. Let's give him a second chance in health.

The Yi family understands for many life is hard and times are tough. If you are unable to donate, please share this link below so we can reach out to many people as we can. Our family greatly appreciates your time in reading this message, the love and the support.

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Deborah Jinah Yi and family
University Place, WA


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