Trade12’s Account Types Accommodates All Types of Traders

Tallinn, Estonia: - May 2017 – Trade12 is the internet’s oldest platform for trading. The platform provides brokerage services for individuals seeking to trade multiple markets. Trade12 provides brokerage services for forex, metals, and futures markets.

The platform was released 12 years, in the year 2005. With 12 years in the industry, Trade12 has witnessed full bear and bull cycles for multiple markets. The experience garnered through over a decade of experience allows the platform to provide excellent account packages, suiting the needs of both new and seasoned traders.

Trade12 provides 4 account types. The accounts are defined as Beginner, Trader, Expert, and VIP. Features differ from one account to the other depending on the starting deposit amount. Trade12 allows better features for traders placing large starting deposits. Nevertheless, the features for smaller accounts can be considered substantial.

Beginner accounts require a minimum deposit of $250 USD, suiting traders with small budgets. Through Beginner accounts, basic features include 24 hour support, daily analysis, the possibility of account management, and mobile trading. The same features are also included in higher package tiers.

Through account management, daily analysis and 24 hour support, traders receive benefits that reduce their time investment in the field. Traders on the platform may choose to allow an expert account manager to select their trades instead of making personal decisions. Through 24 hour support, a trader may troubleshoot problems with trades, or inquire about detailed benefits for their account type. Daily analysis provides traders with information that helps them in making effective and leveraged decisions.

Trader level accounts require $10,000 USD to start, providing the same base advantages as beginner accounts. Additional benefits include lower pip spreads, in addition ECN broker services. This allows for much better liquidity than beginner accounts, suitable for 5-digit traders.

Expert level accounts require $50,000 to open, providing free bank wires and fixed spreads as advantages. Trade12 provides both static entry prices through this feature for traders who require tight entries as part of their trading strategy. Additionally, free bank wiring means that money in commissions for wiring isn’t lost be expert traders.

The final account type offered by the platform is the VIP. The additional advantages for this account is free VPS hosting. A trader opening a VIP account can use it start their own trading business, managing accounts for many traders with other funds. Additionally, the free VPS hosting provides a platform for VIP to perform marketing.

All of the previous packages share mobile trading as an advantage. Trade12 takes care to provide a platform that is easily accessible anywhere for all traders, regardless of account type.

Trade12 offers diverse options for traders to start their businesses, accommodating a variety of starting capitals. Through Trade12, a platform exists that accommodates both seasoned professionals and starting novices alike.

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