Ian Leaf Cracks Down on Chicago Fraud and Scams

Scams are the oldest form of deception in the world that continue to change to keep up with the times in our technological advances of today. Ian Leaf has been in the business of stopping scam and other fraud behavior for well over 25 years since the early 80's. When new scams are thought of, Mr. Leaf is the first to know and, as quickly as possible, he spreads the news to others.

The most recent scam that has been discovered by Ian Leaf, fraudster expert, is a scam having to with the popular Craigslist website in the Chicago area. This may not be major news for some seeing as how often Craigslist is an easy breeding ground for scams and many happen through the website on a daily basis. While that is true, it isn't often one hears about a scam having to do with rent and real estate which is what makes this scam in particular capture Mr. Leaf's attention.

The scammer goes about normally posting an ad of a false rental offer using images from another real offer at an unrealistically low price. If contacted, the scammer will sign their emails in the name of a former tenant. Eventually, they send their victim a seemingly convincing application to be filled out and will, of course, ask for money but not until the end when all the business is taken care of first, such as getting information about your name, current address, birthday, phone number and car information. Once the money is sent, the scammer disappears.

Leaf stresses clearly that no one should be sending any money or giving out any personal details without speaking on the phone at a bare minimum. Always get as much face-to-face time as possible with someone you do business with.

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