Personal Finance- Job loss and NJ housing Crises


May 20, 2016

Contact: Pamela Eltemawi
Telephone: 908-912-6701

People struck by job loss can realize cash easily on their Real Estate across NJ

Piscataway, NJ, May 20, 2016 – The economy in New Jersey is not improving fast enough for families to catch their breath. New Jersians find themselves in a free fall housing market and wonder if future generations will ask why we buy houses? NJ is home to many people who found themselves without a job recently due to “downsizing” of larger companies. The opportunity for new employment has been dim. Quality employees who at one time would have had a job waiting for them when they recovered from long-term illness now find that the employer could not afford to hold their position. The percentage of applicants per employment opportunity ratio throughout the state can be daunting to even the most qualified applicant.

When jobs are hard to come by people find themselves in a bind and soon it becomes difficult to make ends meet. Trimming the budget in any way possible is a lesson that can test the resilience of any family. In healthier economic times selling the primary residence to reduce expenses may have been emotionally taxing but at least people were not competing with ten other homeowners selling in their neighborhood. Where are the people lined up, ready to say, “We buy houses”. NJ residents face flustered, worried economic times as they try to feed the family while planning for the future. The national and local housing crisis coupled with poor job opportunity combined to create a perfect storm, which many were not prepared to face.

The stress of dealing with unpredictable economic factors has created complications for New Jersians. Health issues arise. Depression and anxiety threaten to destroy hope. When dealing with banks to negotiate people begin to see that the quality of their credit and standard of living are at risk. New Jersey has a solution to the problem of facing foreclosure due to these complicated economic times. We Buy Houses NJ, LLC founded by Pamela & Rajae Eltemawi stands ready with solutions. Their motto is “We buy houses NJ.”

New Jersey real estate investors who work with Pamela & Rajae know why they always says “we buy houses NJ”. The greater NJ area is a housing and economic market that stands ready to thrive again. Mrs. Eltemawi’s team of cash ready, motivated real estate investors can give you cash for your home quickly. They know the value of your home and understand the importance of evaluating each particular circumstance. Consider contacting We Buy Houses NJ, LLC to determine the value of a timely cash offer for your home. Discover the group of experts who understand clearly why we buy houses. NJ is moving towards a more stable economy on all levels, Pamela Eltemawi can give you the chance to start over without foreclosure or loss of profits to a realtor.


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