LLEM International Introduces Agu Na Ebere Clean Water and Hygiene Project

LLEM International Introduces Agu Na Ebere Clean Water and Hygiene Project

SOUTH CAROLINA, January 2018 –  LLEM International, a non-governmental organization, is pleased to introduce the launching of its Clean Water and Hygiene Project that is set to help the community of Agu Na Ebere. In addition to cholera, giardia, typhoid fever, salmonella, and dysentery, clean water is a problem that the small village of Agu Na Ebere faces.


Besides the necessity for clean drinking water, Agu Na Ebere has a need of other things, which include accessibility to good school and medical care. 


Most citizens in the community must drink from percolating waters -- water which seeps and oozes. The water filters through the soil from under the surface and is highly polluted. Unclean drinking water leads to a plethora of health problems and even can lead to death. LLEM International is striving to set the record straight and help those in dire need by ensuring a new generation of healthy adults and children.  However, accessing clean water costs money; and therefore, LLEM is asking for help.


To revitalize the community, LLEM plans to drill a well in the midst of Agu Na Ebere to offer a clean source of water. They will also be handing out care packages consisting of basic toiletries. And lastly, they will be providing girls and women accessibility to proper sanitary items.


Interested parties can help by visiting the LLEM site to learn more on their work in Nigeria, Africa. 

https://lleminternational.com/. Then, view and share their video that launches their Agu Na Ebere campaign here.


According to the founder of the non-profit organization, “The goal is to raise $50,000 for this project.  It must happen. Failure is not an option.” Please help with your Agu Na Ebere Clean Water and Hygiene Project donation here.


About LLEM International Inc.:


LLEM International (Lamp and Light Evangelical Ministries Inc,) is a 501(c)(3) Christian Missionary Organization that has a mandate of reaching out to the basic needs of children, women, and men. They spread the word of God as an answer to global crisis. Their aim includes helping as many hurting people as possible. They strive to eliminate the suffering of humans and express love as a basic component for international cooperation and human development. The organization provides clothing, food, medical care, and educational materials to the less fortunate worldwide. For more information visit the website: https://lleminternational.com/agu-na-ebere-project/




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