documents Gay and Lesbian foster family services in Los Angeles

It is undeniable that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has seen significant progress in recent years in the United States, and many programs, policies and laws are underway toward LGBT equality in the country. Freedom to marry, gay adoption, hospital visitation, employment and sexual orientation discrimination protection are some of the major successes the community has witnessed recently. However, this equality and success is not experienced by all the LGBT community members. Too many young lesbians and gay men face rejection, hatred, and maltreatment from their family members. They are often forced out of their homes, or they feel compelled to run away, hence becoming homeless or entering the foster care system.


Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Service in Los Angeles (GLASSLA) is there to help find permanent, loving families for infants, children whose family cannot safely care for them, kids with developmental disabilities and youth who identify as LGBTQ -  that's their only goal. The privately run foster care center consistently works to reach out and find kind fosters, expert caregivers and loving families who can help a child return home to her birth family, or are interested in becoming forever family or a parent for a homeless child. Everyone - single (adult) or couple, straight or gay/lesbian- looking for a child to fill the void in their home and life can join the GLASSLA. It is absolutely free to become a part of the revolutionized GLASSLA community.


4 Steps to Becoming a GLASSLA Parent

Apply to Foster or Adopt:  You can call or meet in person one of GLASSLA parent recruiters to know about the fostering or adoption procedure and find out about attending an orientation.
Attend Orientation: Our orientation sessions give you an overview about who we are and what it’s like to be a foster or adoptive parent to a homeless child who needs a family.
Pre-certification Training: Our adoption experts and experienced foster service providers train prospective adoptive parents to understand why unsafe and at risk children and LGBT youth enter into foster care, the trauma, violence they experience. They are trained to known how to meet an individual child's needs, and how to associated with the kid’s birth family. During this training, participants learn more about the GLASSLA and the foster care officials learn about the prospective parents and their families.
Approval: After completion of paperwork and requirements, such as criminal record check, fingerprint clearances, family background and employment and income verification, an applicant gets approval or is considered eligible to adopt or foster a child need permanent, loving homes. Many times, families bond with a foster child so much that they decide to adopt that child.



Founded in 1976, GLASSLA is a Los-Angeles based nationally-recognized foster care, adoption, and gay and lesbian youth services agency that works with the vision that every child deserves to be placed with a permanent secure family and grow up in a nurturing environment regardless of his/her age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or medical condition. GLASSLA finds out- and then supports- the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people or families who wish to build a family through fostering or adopting children from the foster care system. This privately run foster care services agency is proud to have more than half of LGBT families that efficiently serve the needs of gay and lesbian youth. Take the next step to parenthood at


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