Mobile Technology Powerhouse Lion Universe Pledges Millions of Dollars to Help Eradicate Homelessness & Unemployment in California

Mobile Technology Powerhouse Lion Universe Pledges Millions of Dollars to Help Eradicate Homelessness & Unemployment in California

Lion Universe, the company recently recognized as a game-changer in mobile technology at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in San Francisco, and provider of the latest in groundbreaking technological advances on telecommunication devices, today pledged millions to help eradicate California’s homeless epidemic and unemployment crisis.

According to a recent report by the Los Angeles Homeless Authority, the Los Angeles County homelessness rate jumped 23% in 2017 as need far outpaced housing. The startling jump in homelessness affected every major demographic group, including youth, families, veterans and the chronically homeless, according to the report.

Homeless officials and political leaders pointed to steadily rising housing costs and stagnant incomes as the underlying cause for the drastic increase in homelessness. To combat this issue, Lion Universe has partnered with various non-profit organizations such as Fathers & Mothers Who Care ( & Homeless Heroes House (, who focus on the eradication of homelessness, and the creation of jobs with a living wage.

Lion Universe has earmarked seven (7) percent of all retail sales towards these non-profit organizations and looks forward to generating millions of dollars’ worth of housing relief and career assistance to the men, women and children of California over the next four (4) – five (5) years.

“Lion Universe is a phone with a cause” said Chief Executive Officer Linda Duston-Kelly. “Our main cause is to help eradicate homelessness. A percentage of all Lion Universe sales goes to non-profit organizations whose mission is to fight homelessness. Through these organizations Lion Universe now has the ability to make a difference in the lives of everyday Americans.”

It is Linda Duston-Kelly’s humanitarian spirit that allows Lion Universe to focus on more than just generating sales for the mobile phones her company produces, but to also recognize the importance of mobile phones as a necessary lifeline for communication to many Americans.

“When I see homeless people I always have a strong desire to do something to help. I always think if they just had a phone there has to be someone they could call for help and permanently change their condition” says Lion Universe CEO Linda Duston-Kelly. “It always affects me personally when homeless people are treated like merely a piece of our surroundings. Instead of being looked at as a person, they are looked at as a tree, or trash, or something that people just walk by without noticing.”

Duston-Kelly continued, “Homeless people are human beings who have become homeless for a myriad of different reasons. All homeless people aren’t homeless because of drug habits, mental illness or laziness, some have encountered gut-wrenching lay-offs, heart-breaking divorces, and unexpected tragedies that left them homeless and on the outside of society looking in. Due to the economy and the ever-increasing cost of living many gainfully employed Americans are just one step away from being homeless. It is Lion Universe’s mission to completely eradicate homelessness and to annihilate unemployment one person at a time. By pledging millions of dollars towards this goal Lion Universe is making a difference.”

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