A Mother’s Fear For Her Child Becomes Real

A Mother’s Fear For Her Child Becomes Real A Mother’s Fear For Her Child Becomes Real A Mother’s Fear For Her Child Becomes Real

The mother of an eight-year-old girl experienced a significant pain in February 2017. Her young girl Shania had been picked up by another entity. She was eventually retrieved and did not suffer any injuries. However, she became fearful for her life and uncertain as to where it would head. She was worried that she was going to be put into even more pain over time and that she could have been harmed by others.

Shania was brought to a hospital in Frankfurt for psychological examination. She was afraid because she thought the people there were going to harm her and be dangerous in some way. This was a real concern in her life that made her worried as to what she could do in any particular situation.

There were worries about what she was doing especially as she had begun to fear being away from her parents for far too long. The mother was panicked regularly as she was afraid authorities would try and take her daughter from her.

The mother and Shania eventually had to run off from their home out of the fear that they were being pursued by someone. Soon before they were able to try and get out to Sofia, Bulgaria, it became clear that authorities were looking to take Shania again. They went out and traveled along Europe to try and get away in some form.

Eventually the courts came out and found the woman and deemed that she was no longer able to take care of Shania on her own. She was taken from her custody. Eventually, the mother became depressed and was sent to a psychiatric hospital in the hopes of keeping her mentally healthy. This was especially to keep her from committing suicide.

This is a story about the general fear that many women have with regards to taking care of their children. It is not fully certain as to why Shania was determined to be safer in a different place. But it is still clear that there are worries over what may happen with her when it comes to keeping her safe.

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