Jason Harris, Founder of Jason's Connection, to attend The 2017 USBLN 20th Annual National Conference & Biz2Biz Expo in Orlando, Florida

CINCINNATI, OH – August 18, 2017.   Jason Harris, founder of Jason’s Connection, will attend the 20th Annual National Conference and Biz2Biz Expo, “Disability: A Catalyst for Innovation,” in Orlando, Florida, August 21 – 24, 2017.  The conference is hosted by the US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®) www.usbln.org, a national non-profit and business to business national membership organization, with local affiliates, that focuses on sharing and developing proven strategies for including people with disabilities in the workplace.  (For more information about this event, please visit http://conference.usbln.org/2017_conference)  The conference is expected to bring together more than one thousand attendees from across the country.

Jason founded Jason’s Connection, a website listing resources and allowing people to rate, review, and recommend providers, including employment and vocational resources, and an online magazine sharing the stories of people with diverse abilities from around the world.  Jason’s Connection exists to be inclusive and to acknowledge that while people may have challenges, they also have great potential and abilities, including contributions to be made in the workplace.  Jason speaks to groups, sharing his insights about having an invisible disability, contributes articles, and interviews people with diverse abilities around the world. 

Jason’s Connection, an Ohio 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2013, created the jasonsconnection.org Website (www.jasonsconnection.org) and is funded through the generosity of Saul Schottenstein Foundation B (www.saulschottensteinfoundationb.org) and the Susan and Jeffrey P. Harris Endowment.


Jason’s Connection

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