Announcement: Launch of is excited to announce the beginning of new efforts to raise awareness regarding urgent, severe human and other legal rights violations. is now currently in public beta.

Flagrant Violations believes that this will improve the conditions of Americans in line with their legally guaranteed rights and reduce systemic injustice while holding people accountable for their severely economically as well as socially destruction flagrant violations of the law.

Please visit the website and share it with your friends to help support the equal legal rights of all Americans. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates!’s first releases are regarding systemic egregious violations of domestic US federal, international and Universal Code of Military Justice laws by or directly connected to former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers and his daughter Alexandra Elizabeth Rogers. This includes formally admitted destruction, tampering and falsification of legally protected law enforcement records that were supposed to be recorded in more than quadruplicate and included a call log regarding Alexandra’s former partner. This even occurred in a high income, “low crime” community. There were also formally admitted violations of attorney client rights, as well as materially false statements that defamed the attorneys own client and attempted to deprive him of his legal right to retained counsel. The attorney originally vehemently denied ever writing that letter but when a lawyer ethics investigation began she admitted, via an attorney, to having sent that letter. These are unacceptable violations of rights that should terrify any American. Please help us raise awareness and contact your representatives to demand formal inquiry so that these types of wrongs don’t become more commonplace!

As if that weren’t enough, there is much more to come including internation rights violations of Americans abroad by members of the UK government, a government the UN has formally found already to be a human rights violator.

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