Stop Senior Scams Acting Program Entertaining and Informing on Senior Scams

Stop Senior Scams Acting Program  Entertaining and Informing on Senior Scams

                                Information on How to Identify and Reject Scams Is Included In All Performances

Los Angeles – July 19, 2017: The Stop Seniors Scams Acting Program (SSSAP) has been introduced as a new performance group that highlights a variety of points on controlling fraud. The general goal of the program is to help with stopping senior fraud while also finding ways to prevent calls, emails, sales pitches and other things that often prey upon seniors. The group provides educational content with entertainment.


Their next performance is: When: July 27, 2017 Time: 2pm.

Where:  Exposition Park Regional Library,

3900 Western Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90062


The events are free, open to the public and kid friendly

Their skits lasting 2-3 minutes event will promote information on what people can do to stop senior scams.

Many of the people who are in the program are fellow seniors who have fallen victim to scams themselves. They are aiming to educate people about the dangers of such scams and how they can be extremely costly. In particularly, the youngest person in the acting program is 65 years of age while three of the people are in their 90s.

The group is traveling around nursing homes, community centers, churches, temples and other places that seniors can often be found at. Seniors are being targeted as theyare often more likely to fall victim to various scams distributed by phone, by door or even through emails and social media sites.

Various sketches, song performances and other routines are included in each performance from the group. These help people to learn about what they can do to identify scams and how to avoid them before they can become especially dangerous. The points listed in the program are useful to all those who want to learn what they can do to keep themselves safe and at less of a risk of harm from any kind of outside scam or other threat that might come about. This all comes with plenty of humor and observations over many of the scams that are around to add a good mood to the event.

Stop Senior Scams Acting Group is founded by Adrienne Comansky and has been in operation since 1986 and can be contacted for a variety of events. People can contact the group at 310-367-7511 to learn more about what is available and how different activities can be scheduled.


Media Contact

Name: Stop Senior Scams Acting Program

Phone: 310-367-7511



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