Ron Drescher, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia Bankruptcy Attorney, and Owner of Drescher & Associates Talks About Convenience Bankruptcy, in a June, 2017 Radio Interview.

This Needs to be Said will broadcast an interview with the Owner of Drescher & Associates, Attorney Ron Drescher, who Talks About Convenience Bankruptcy.
Ron Drescher is the acclaimed author of File Bankruptcy and Get Rich, a guide for seeing your way past money troubles to get on the road to building wealth. Helping clients in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia, Ron has more 5 star reviews than any other bankruptcy lawyer in those states.
Attorney Ron Drescher is the owner of Drescher & Associates, and author of the book  “File Bankruptcy and Get Rich”, who is a regular guest speaker with Katherine on the “This Needs to be Said” radio show. Ron Drescher Talks About Convenience Bankruptcy.  
Drescher & Associates is led by founder Ron Drescher. Drescher & Associates has been fortunate to acquire some of the industry’s top talent with decades of legal representation experience. Drescher & Associates shares the common goal of providing the highest quality services to residents, families and associates of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 
Attorney Ron Drescher’s full length interview aired at 2pm EST in Charlotte, NC. June, 2017 as part of the daily show broadcast at 2pm EST in Charlotte. Ron Drescher talks about Convenience Bankruptcy.
Listen to the “This Needs to be Said” show for Attorney Ron Drescher, owner of Drescher & Associates, and author of the book File Bankruptcy and Get Rich, interview. The show can be accessed online on 
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