AL M'ADINA helps Russian Federation to uncover more than 198 fraud Refineries, through her division OEIS INVESTIGATIONS

AL M’ADINA never relents on making sure the world and its business arena stay safe and clean. As a trustworthy oil company headquartered in Canada with several annexes across the globe, the firm has partnered with OEIS INVESTIGATIONS to help clean up the issues of refinery fraud that has done more bad than good in the Russian Federation.

For many years, several naïve investors and purported oil buyers from diverse nations have fallen victim to the lies and schemes of scammers. Both little and mighty investors have lost multiple millions of dollars paying upfront fees for products that do not exist.

The perpetrators are going to have a hard hit at them this time around, because OEIS is a well-seasoned security and investigation company that knows its onion perfectly. They have done it many times across borders, and are prepared to do same for the country of Russia. In collaboration with Russia defense team; there will be no hiding place for these miscreants anymore!

Such refinery scams comprise the setting up of phony websites representing as imaginary Russian oil organizations. Let’s call it well organized crime that has seen several fake Russian government entities, associations, banks, law firms, shipping firms, & even due diligence websites set up – to deceive even the most cautious of investors.

These scammers induce their victim into paying advance fees for non-existent products. Then the unlucky buyer parts-away with sums ranging from $10,000 to $150,000 and even millions of dollars in certain extreme cases. This is paid for - prior to any oil being delivered; well of course no drop of oil will ever be delivered. 

Several scam fees are put in order to mesmerize the potential buyer. Some of these include fee for some phony government allocation code, tax, license fee, contract servicing, legalization or authorization fee, mandate seller fee, federation fee, Ministry fee, pipeline charges, and so much more…

Several of these scam oil firms advertise widely on B2B networks such as Tradekey, Alibaba,, EcPlaza, to name a few. Note that NO LEGITIMATE RUSSIAN OIL PRODUCER/SUPPLIER will ever advertise or search for buyers in that manner as they already have steady buyers & traders.

AL M'ADINA has signed into this and won’t back out until the Russian Federation is swept clean of such scammers. It is working hard with OEIS INVESTIGATIONS to uncover more than 198 fraud Refineries. Several are already under investigations and hundreds counts of Fraud being treated.


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