Amigos De Los Niños Announces Website Revamp Underway

Amigos De Los Niños Announces Website Revamp Underway

Amigos De Los Niños is a local charity based in Baja California Sur in the city of Cabo San Lucas. ADLN is dedicated to children in the region needing medical attention for cancer treatment and several illnesses and issues affecting their quality of life.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Local charity Amigos De Los Niños has taken the step to remake its website and improve its online image. A new, responsive website will be ready within the coming weeks with a wealth of information for browsers to view. The domain has also been slightly adjusted from the previously used to the new 

“Being an organization in Los Cabos, we had contemplated this switch for some time, in regards to the URL and a new website,” says Korey Riggs, ADLN Board President. “But with all of the fundraising efforts and clinics, we neglected this task for some time.  This is what we are striving to improve to convey our message and create more awareness of our amazing efforts and charity.” 

Amigos De Los Niños’ website will also be completely bilingual, which is a great advantage, considering all the patients are Mexican nationals. The recent news and events links will also make everyone aware of the new and upcoming events and help promote the efforts of the board and the entire ADLN team. 

ADLN is also planning a private forum on the website, which parents will have exclusive access to. This will serve as a general forum for tips from other parents who have been through similar events with their children, and information ADLN can share with parents. This forum will also be a great place for parents to find care tips and will be a place where they can receive emotional support as well. The forum will also be a great place in addition to social media for ADLN to promote awareness for parents without the knowledge to understand when they may need to seek medical attention and the cause and mission of ADLN in general.

Amigos De los Niños is dedicated to improvement, including the areas of fundraising efforts, brand awareness. ADLN was established in Cabo San Lucas over 20 years ago, and continues to work tirelessly to provide quality medical care to children in need.  

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