5150 Energy Mix - Caffeine Content Compared with Other Energy Drinks

Sacramento, CA (PRBuzz) June 14, 2010 -- "Watch out" is the warning to all of the current energy drinks and shots on the market. With an unbelievable 500 mg of liquid caffeine in a one ounce bottle, 5150 Energy Mix is setting the standards for liquid caffeine mix solutions. 5150's liquid caffeine can be added to any drink, to obtain a boost in energy that is noticeable immediately.

One example is that the new 5150 Energy Mix offers over three times more caffeine than the 16 ounce AMP Lightning Charge drink, plus - it offers the additional perk of being mixable with any already-prepared beverage.

Unlike other caffeine drinks that have a strong taste, 5150 Energy Mix can be added to water, tea, beer, juice or any other beverage, creating a drink that tastes the same but provides an energetic response in the body.

According to 5150 Energy Sales Manager Rick Garloff, "Consumers are tired of poor tasting energy shots and drinks. 5150 Energy is an answer to a need for energy drinks that taste great."

With 5150 Energy Mix, customers can create custom drinks to suit their individual tastes and energy needs, adding a teaspoon for a moderate energy boost and more for times when a higher level of energy and focus are required.

In a recent on-line article, Main Street (MainStreet.com) ranked caffeine drinks that give you the most Bang for Your Buck. Coming in at #1 was 5150 Energy (juice). You can read the entire article at http://www.mainstreet.com/slideshow/smart-spending/biggest-caffeine-buzz-your-buck

For more information, visit the website at www.5150Energy.com Energy or call by phone at 925-BUY-5150.
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