Best Baby Products Under 10 Bucks: The Savvy Beauty

Best Baby Products Under 10 Bucks: The Savvy Beauty Best Baby Products Under 10 Bucks: The Savvy Beauty Best Baby Products Under 10 Bucks: The Savvy Beauty

We all know how expensive raising a baby can be. Now consider how much you spend on products to keep your baby taken care of with gentle products made just for little ones. This can cost you hundreds of dollars per year if you just pick up whatever you see first at the pharmacy. There is a huge selection of products to choose from and you can easily get confused thinking the more expensive product is the best option. Wrong. So we made your job easier and put together some of the best baby products we’ve found for under $10 to make your shopping experience more efficient and affordable.

CVS Health Baby Lotion

Keeping your baby’s skin soft and smooth is essential for our little ones, especially when they are newborns. Some babies take 2 or more baths per day so the necessity of moisturizing their skin becomes very important. The advantage of applying baby lotion on your baby is not only to hydrate their sensitive skin, but also to increase circulation and stimulation by the act of a ‘baby massage’. The time after bath can be one of the best times to relax, soothe and coax your child into a sleepy state, making bedtime a breeze. CVS Health Baby Lotion is only $3.89 on This size is perfect for home and travel, not to mention it is convenient to store in your bathroom.

Walgreens Baby Advanced Healing Ointment

No matter how hard you try, your baby always seems to develop diaper rash one way or another. To prevent it from getting really bad, act immediately. As soon as you notice the redness developing, change your baby often, try to increase ‘no diaper’ time, and apply your baby healing ointment/powder often. To get rid of the rash quickly and swiftly, maintain diligence with the application of healing creams. If you forget, be sure apply it as soon as you remember. Before you know it, the rash will be gone! This fantastic healing ointment is $6.99 and available on

Baby Powder with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

We can say it is common knowledge that parents apply baby powder on their baby all the time. The diaper area may still become wet and/or irritated, causing discomfort for your little one. Maintaining diaper changes on a regular basis can prevent a lot of issues down the road. Baby powder is used because it absorbs moisture that may gather in the tiny skin folds on your baby. This encourages some protection to those ‘bacteria havens’ from becoming irritated or worse, infected. This particular product can be purchased on

Up & Up Hair and Body Baby Wash

Could you imagine having to buy a baby shampoo and body wash separately every time it ran out? That would be crazy. Thank goodness you can get a 2-in-1 wash that cleans from head to toe. Finding a nice wash for your baby is important because you want to make sure you get rid of all the messes from their busy little days. Surprisingly babies can get quite dirty! This wash is great because it is hypoallergenic, allergy, and dermatologist tested. It can be picked up on

These products are great for maintaining a good hygienic routine for your little ones and can be picked up at many convenient pharmacies near you. Every parent knows that you can’t have too many baby lotions lying around the house! Life is expensive, don’t get sucked into the hype over high-priced brand names. Be smart. Be savvy. Stay fabulous!

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