White Moose Café Bans All Bloggers After the Conflict with Blogger Elle Darby

White Moose Café Bans All Bloggers After the Conflict with Blogger Elle Darby

The feud between social media influencer Elle Darby and White Moose Café hotel owner Paul Stenson still hits the online world, after the official statement of Stenson via Facebook, “All bloggers banned from our business.”

Darby is a blogger who has around 87,000 subscribers on YouTube and 76,000 Instagram followers was embarrassed after the publishing of her personal email to the hotel owner on social media.  It all started with Elle Darby sending an email asking for a free accommodation a little earlier than the Valentine’s Day, specifically beginning 8th to 12th day of February in exchange for featuring the hotel in her YouTube videos as well as on her Instagram stories or posts. 

Instead of replying back to the email, Stenson published the content of her email together with his open letter.  A part of his post says, “Thank you for your email looking for free accommodation in return for exposure.  It takes a lot of balls to send an email like that, if not much self-respect and dignity.”  Stenson also asked who will shoulder all of the payments for the staff that look after the blogger, the housekeepers, waiters, receptionist, laundering of the bed sheets, water rates, and the light and heat used during the stay.  Furthermore, Stenson informed the hotel’s current standing via the social media and recommended the blogger to pay the same way as everyone else does. 

The hotel owner didn’t drop a specific name in the post.  It was then Elle Darby came out with a video explaining how many emotions she felt with the post of the hotel owner about her email.   She said that she was called many things when all she has done was to send a normal email if you are working as a social media influencer.  After Darby posted her video, the hotel then received negative reviews from some who thinks that the business should not have taken those steps in exposing the blogger.  In that time, Stenson followed with banning all bloggers from their hotel.

It can also be remembered that the White Moose Café has also banned vegans, gaining them coverage on the controversy.  Catriona Pollard, social media expert and director of CP Communications that while the business got the attention of many, one should not still “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. 

However, the feud didn’t stop there.  Stenson followed up with a post of an invoice that Darby should be charged for “the provision of features in 114 articles across 20 countries with a potential reach of 450 million people”.  Following the said post was a photo of a jug with “tears of bloggers” written on it.  Darby posted a video of claiming that she received death threats after the said exposure. 

The huge debate will possibly continue until someone admits the wrong or it may just stop if the two parties don’t engage in the conflict anymore.  While this can serve as a warning for those who aspire to know how to make a blog, it should just serve as a learned lesson that not all have the same reaction upon sending a business proposal like Elle Darby did.

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