Podcasting: Can it Ultimately Replace Blogging in the Content Marketing World?

Podcasting: Can it Ultimately Replace Blogging in the Content Marketing World?

Every content marketing strategy involves blogging.  Whether for introducing a new brand, increasing sales, or just giving more information about a specific company, a blog can be of purpose.  But lately, the use of podcasts have been rampant that blogging may seem to be taken off its seat in the content marketing scene.

Millennials are what mostly comprises of the digital marketing world.  Individuals of this category are born from 1981 up to early 2000.  In a recent 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, most millennials take on the challenge of starting up a business.  As part of start-ups, one should be able to develop a professional brand that can be showcased in a larger range of audience. 

Way back then, blogs are the most prioritized type of content to ensure a brand gets visibility over the World Wide Web.  Marketing departments make sure they know how to start a blog to keep up with the demand of the community.  Blogs are also tagged as the most effective way of promoting any brand and getting recognition.  Although blogs can be lengthy or short at times, it can still help readers receive information. 

On the other hand, podcasts, which are audio files that are compressed into a digital format, were rarely mentioned during the last few years.  The popularity of podcasts started last 2016.  According to an Edison Research, 34% of Americans have admitted to listening to a podcast via a desktop or laptop computer.  In addition, 64% of users used podcast via a mobile device.  There is also clear evidence on the side of known media entities like New York Times, Buzzfeed, and Wall Street Journal of their investment on podcasting.  With that being said, there arises a question.  Can podcasting replace blogging as a content marketing strategy?

Baby boomers (1946-1964) and Generation X (1961-1981) still patronize blogs but for Millennials, reading a lengthy blog can be tedious.  About 41% of millennials lack the patience to read a long content.  As a result, more and more find podcasts engaging since there is no need to use their sense of sight just to read content. 

It can be tempting to just head over with podcasting and move on but blogs have been in the industry of content marketing for quite a long time.  And the numerous benefits of using blogs have been clearly laid out in different content all over the net.  In a Hubspot article published last 2017, it is said that “53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority”.  On top of that, there are 434% more indexed pages by using blogs.  There is also a 13x higher possibility return on investment through blogging.

Content marketing has varied for the last few years with the addition of podcasting.  Blogs have been a very powerful tool throughout the years yet the depletion of its use or replacing it with podcast can’t still be seen.

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