How to Stay Fit This Winter: The Savvy Beauty

How to Stay Fit This Winter: The Savvy BeautyHow to Stay Fit This Winter: The Savvy Beauty How to Stay Fit This Winter: The Savvy Beauty

No one really wants to wonder where all the extra weight came from when spring arrives. Once the holidays are over it can be difficult to get back into our healthy lifestyles because there are tons of reasons why we can be a little…lazy. The clothes are perfect at hiding it all, and honestly who’s checking out the bods in the winter anyway!?! We know that it can be easy to ‘fall off the wagon’ during the winter months but here are some simple ways to avoid unnecessary weight over the colder months.

Set a Regular Fitness Schedule

This may include crunches, leg lifts, a full blown gym membership, or many things in between. The point is that you keep moving and stay healthy. You can watch your favorite shows at night while doing some simple leg lifts or complete 5 reps of 20 crunches every day to help keep the weight away. Treadmills, skipping ropes or a few weights can be your best friend during this season. We are all at home anyway, you may as well work off some of your lunch. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after a big workout. We love, Beauty 360 Daily Moisturizing Body Wash which has natural colloidal oatmeal. This will not only leave your skin hydrated, but silky and smooth to the touch. Get it on for $9.69.

Never Go Out Hungry

Unless it’s for a dinner of course! Heading for groceries, parties, or an evening out can kill our ‘low carbs’ rule. Be sure to fill up on high-fiber fruits and vegetables before heading out. Choose baby carrots, a salad, or an apple as an example to help curb the desire to fill up on empty calories from brownies and other nutritionally empty foods.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a HUGE contributor to calories! Drinking over the winter can leave you with a full-blown beer belly even if you’re avoiding the beer. Try not to pass the dreary days with extra alcoholic drinks, but rather look for better options like yummy teas, homemade smoothies, coffee, or flavored water. Set limits for yourself and stick to them. Not only will you be avoiding the calories, but you’ll also be avoiding the damage caused by excessive drinking.

Find Activities Outdoors

Although the weather can be a bit miserable, there are always things we can do outside to maximize on the calorie burning. Shoveling the driveway is a great workout and can leave you feeling like you went for huge gym session. Walking to get the mail in all your winter gear is also great for helping to burn a few extra cals. If you are into winter sports then you know what it’s all about. Ski or snowboarding sessions can leave you fit and healthy all winter long. Don’t think that because it’s cold outside, there is nothing to do.

Stick to Your Health Regime

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that all your hard work from last spring and summer goes out the window. Instead, push yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the winter so that when spring comes along this year you’re ready for it. Many people love this time of year because you can spend EXTRA time at the gym or outdoors doing what you love. Enjoy this beautiful season and stay healthy!

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