NAIAS 2018 kicks off with New Brand-Defining Vehicles

NAIAS 2018 kicks off with New Brand-Defining Vehicles

Last Saturday, the twelfth year of the North American International Auto Show officially started with the launch of exciting new cars from among the biggest car manufacturers.

With its six unique shows, The Gallery, AutoMobili-D, Press Preview, Industry Preview, and Charity Preview namely, NAIAS has been the industry’s go-to show for automakers, startups, and suppliers.  The attendees get to learn from industry leaders through the press conferences and panel discussions.  But above all, the highlight of the show has been the showcase of brand-new cars and the latest capabilities as well as the design of different manufacturers. 

On top of the line is the first-ever appearance of BMW X2, internally called F39.  Although the BMW X1 has been a success, BMW still knows that it lacks a certain touch.  The new BMW X2 showcases a long hood, styled rear end with taillights being horizontal, elegant greenhouse and a sharply raked windshield.  A distinctive feature of this model is the BMW roundels on the C-pillar which way back then made3200CS and 2000CS models unique.  When it comes to service, one won’t find it hard to find a servicing company like BMW Liverpool since it almost shares the same interior trappings with the X1 model.

Another famed auto manufacturer is Ford who has featured their hot ST version in the form of Ford Edge.  Ford has been known to be competent but the models usually don’t attract attention to most buyers.  With the launch of Ford Edge, a lot of features have been added.  First, it is installed with twin-turbo 2.7 liter V-6 in 335-hp version still including the EcoBoost branding.  In its hardware, the Ford Edge includes a sport mode that changes the shift programming and tightens the throttle response.  It also comes with a standard 20” rolling stock but 21” wheels are also available.

While most manufacturers are from the United States and the European Union, an Asian manufacturer, Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), takes their Enverge to this year’s show.  One primary difference that sets this vehicle apart from others is that it is electric.  It is a battery-electric SUV with slender bodywork, small cameras instead of exterior mirrors and butterfly doors.  They also claimed that the vehicle can travel more than 370 miles on just a single charge.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Hyundai and much more have also showcased their updates on their line of models.  The show is still open until the 28th for the public show.


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