The Griller’s New Favorite – The Zeust Vega BBQ Grill Light

The Griller’s New Favorite – The Zeust Vega BBQ Grill Light The Griller’s New Favorite – The Zeust Vega BBQ Grill Light

Zeust, a fast-rising grill products manufacturer, released their newest product, Vega, last month and already has numerous good reviews

The company behind the #1 Amazon Best Seller Sirius Grill Light, Zeust recently released the newest addition to their product line – the Vega BBQ Grill Light. The product was an instant hit in the market and has already garnered numerous positive reviews, some grillers even claiming that it is their “favourite grill accessory”. Vega is available for purchase at the Zeust store and on Amazon and is currently on an introductory price of less 15 percent. The special Zeust coupon code ZLITE15X must be used upon check out (Zeust store only) to avail of the discount.

“The Zeust Team is once again happy that our newest product, the Vega BBQ Grill Light, is well received among online shoppers,” says Melanie Cho, representative for Zeust. “Avail of the product while it’s still on introductory price of less 15 percent, valid only until the end of the month.”

The Vega BBQ Grill Light manufactured by Zeust boasts of a 17-inch flexible neck that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, making it convenient to angle the light where it is needed on the grill. It also has telescopic lenses for versatility and a dual power source for ease of use.

“I purchased the newest light from Zeust, Vega, when it first came out last month and it’s now my favourite grill accessory,” says Paul Lainey, 42. “It’s so easy to install and use and I no longer have to worry about night grilling anymore. Truly an excellent product!”

Capella is protected with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Each purchase of the product will also benefit one of Zeust’s partner organizations like Habitat for Humanity.


Zachary Holmes, Zeust Spokesperson

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